Stolen Says: Fashion’s Night Out 2010

Well, folks – this is it. Fashion Week is upon us, Labor Day is already becoming a distant memory, and fall is… well it’s here. In a couple of weeks, the leaves on the trees will flash bright orange and yellow for a minute before turning brown and blanketing the city sidewalks. Before you know it, that cold wind will be howling down 42nd Street, throwing snow and ice into our eyes. But hold up, just a moment – I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s not sidestep fall and all the cute jackets and hats we get to don with the drop in temperature, but instead, let’s enjoy the season and give proper due to arguably the most exciting event that comes but twice a year – New York Fashion Week!

In September 2009, Anna Wintour teamed up with a few other big names (many of whom she nurtured and brought into the spotlight) in the fashion industry – some designers, some publicists, some stylists – and put together a grand kickoff to Fashion Week, primarily to revive the failing fashion economy. They planned one night during which retail stores and boutiques throughout New York City would keep their doors open until 11:00 p.m., many providing complimentary champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, and all of them handing out a glamorous shopping experience to remember. This is known as Fashion’s Night Out – and so far it has been a wild success.

September 10, 2010 was the second annual Fashion’s Night Out, and everyone was geared up and ready to go by Wednesday evening. With the Chanel boutique re-opening its doors in SoHo and celebrities promised everywhere from Hugo Boss in the meatpacking district to Bloomingdale’s uptown, there was much to look forward to that evening.

I started the night with G at Lord & Taylor along with some bubbly, chocolate covered strawberries, the New York Fire Department and their calendar firemen, and the one and only (and drop dead gorgeous) Nigel Barker. The place was packed! To get a calendar signed by the firemen of Ladder 44, all it took was a purchase of $50 (or, if you know the buyers for Lord & Taylor, that helps too). To be part of a photo shoot, you needed to kick your purchase up a notch to $100, but if you waited around until 8:00 p.m., you could also get your picture taken with Nigel Barker! I settled for snapping a few photos of him on his lonesome (which I may or may not photoshop into a photo album of our wedding), and then we left L&T to head to the Meatpacking District.

The streets were run rampant with fashionistas, consumers and celebrities. Robin Thicke performed at Hugo Boss, Helena Christensen was spotted (and photographed with my friend J) at Stella McCartney – but G and I had the ultimate thrill when we ran into the amazingly talented Neil Patrick Harris. I’m not usually one to ooh and ahh over celebrities; after all, a celebrity is just another person who, though (generally) extraordinarily amazing in one way or another, still needs his/her personal space and privacy. NPH is no different, but it was somehow more earth-shattering to see him in person than most. While filming a promotional segment for FNO, he was interrupted by cries of “Doogie! Doogie Howzer!” and “Hey Barney, how’s it going?” He calmly shrugged off the fawning fans with his reply, “It’s Neil, guys.” Gotta love that man.

After that, G and I hit up Diane von Furstenburg, Elizabeth Charles, and a few other boutiques before calling it a night. But what a night it was! It was truly something else to be out among the masses who had come together collectively to celebrate one of the driving industries of New York City – Fashion! So. Here’s to Fashion’s Night Out – until next year!



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2 responses to “Stolen Says: Fashion’s Night Out 2010

  1. I cannot believe how crowded it is! I bet it was so fun though!

  2. Looks like a blast!


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