What We Want: Long Skirts for Fall

When I started dreaming up this post about three weeks ago, I wouldn’t have called long skirts a trend. But with their write ups in DailyCandy, the New York Times, and a post by one of our favorite blogging duos, they’re definitely cropping up for fall (irony intended). Although they were more sparse than camel colored pieces, we saw them on the fall 2010 runways for Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and Dolce & Gabbana, which certainly increases their relevance in the style world. Unlike many runway fads, this one actually translates to something we can wear to the office (say it isn’t so)! There is one major drawback: long skirts, when worn incorrectly, can look horribly frumpy. Fear not! Here a few home grown tips on how to wear a long skirt for fall:

  • Look for a skirt with waist definition. Unless you are thin as a rail, you do NOT want a skirt that falls straight down.
  • Make sure your top is fitted around the waist. Feel free to play with volume in the collar or sleeves, but you want to keep your waist defined so your bottom half doesn’t appear shortened. You also don’t want bunching when you tuck your shirt in.
  • If you’re wearing a cardigan over the skirt, belt it for a sharper look.
  • Avoid wearing tights that are the same color as your skirt. You want the little leg you are showing to elongate your figure as much as possible!
  • For the sexy secretary vibe, choose a skirt that is cinched at the waist, fits your hips like a glove and narrows all the way down.

If you love these skirts, here’s where to pick them up (from the left):

1. Alexander McQueen; Net-A-Porter, $795

2. Zara (camel); Evasé Long Skirt, $80

3. ModCloth; Dial M for Marvelous Skirt, $85

4. Zara (black); Midi Skirt, $60

5. Forever21; Classic A-Line Skirt, $20

What’s your favorite fall trend?

Happy Weekend!!

Written by Lindsay



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13 responses to “What We Want: Long Skirts for Fall

  1. That Zara skirt is my fav!


  2. Great post! Long skirts have always overwhelmed me in the sense that I have no clue how to wear them. I feel more equipped to experiment with them now, thanks!


  3. Love all of these skirt options! Even though I’m on the petite side, I think there’s nothing classier than a long skirt.

  4. Hi! Thanks for the linkage. Just to let you know, I have a new location for my blog now. Could you update the link in this post to reflect the new address? Thanks

    Here’s the new link

  5. i’m terrified of long skirts but love how they look on others (figures). i may try one this fall, though!

    xx anna jane

  6. So happy to hear that everyone liked the tips and feels more confident now. Long skirts can be very empowering and feminine. Rock on!!


  7. i have a feeling we will be seeing a number of frumps for a few months until everyone heeds your advice & figures out how to wear these properly! thanks for the social service 🙂

  8. love the F21 long skirt x

  9. Great tips! Being a relatively petite gal, I am pretty scared to wear skirts that cut my legs off in the calf area. Will have to try this out now!

  10. I was eyeing that long skirt from F21 a few days ago. The fall trend I’m most looking forward to is the cape/poncho. I’ve been feverishly searching on ebay for a cool vintage military style.


  11. Great choices. I was on the fence about long skirts, but just decided I want one. I think I’ll pay a visit to Zara tomorrow. JD

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