Blue and White Striped Dress

I can’t believe that this is the first time I’ve shared this dress! It’s one of my favorites, but for some reason it got lost in the back of my closet for most of the summer. Shirt dresses aren’t usually options that would work for the office, but this one is more formal than most. It’s long enough, has a cute tie around the waist and the ruffles definitely dress it up. This is a great option for the summer, but it can also transition into the fall when paired with nylons and a cardigan. I don’t think it can quite make it into winter, though. The fabric is just too thin to provide any protection against the wind, snow and rain. (Not looking forward to that!)

The top half of the dress is like a low-key tuxedo shirt. I love ruffles, but I find that a lot of styles go a little too far with their ruffle designs, especially for tops that are meant to be worn to work. There’s just too much puffiness going on – like an overenthusiastic bow on a birthday present. Not with this dress, though!

Worn with my neutral-colored flats, this outfit feels sweet and cute, which is a nice change of pace for the workplace. Most often I dress in strong lines, like pencil skirts and simple blouses, but not every day needs a power suit. So on a morning when I’m feeling relaxed, this dress is just right. I also enjoyed the juxtaposition of this look in front of the graffitied wall. Besides providing a strong contrast, the colors actually match – white graffiti with the dress and orange graffiti with my hair 🙂

Meredith’s Outfit:

Dress: Gap, price forgotten (it was years ago!)

Shoes: Banana Republic, $30

Bracelet: Branché Jewelry Designs



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8 responses to “Blue and White Striped Dress

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  2. Jane

    Bangin’ dress, Meredith! I’m very into your ring, shoes, and graffiti background- nice.

  3. You always asked why your hair was called red. You called it orange. Glad to see that somethings don’t change.


  4. I love a good shirt dress! It’s like the menswear version of a wrap dress.

  5. I love that dress! A possible idea for winter may be to wear a longer skirt over it that will hide the bottom of the dress. That way you can still wear your favorite dress, play up those amazing ruffles and add an extra layer against the wind. In the winter you just have to get creative with what you’ve got to fight against the elements!

  6. your dress is so pretty!!


  7. The Gentleman

    Probably one of my favorite outfits that I’ve seen you wear on this site.

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