The Gentleman: Asked and Answered

Boxer Shorts

This week, the Gentleman is pleased to be able to take a break from his typical coverage to answer a pressing question submitted by one of Cubicle Chic’s regular readers. The question relates to an extremely important article of clothing that rarely gets much serious discussion on clothing forums and blogs: underwear.

Like me, the reader is a frequent suit wearer, especially suits with trousers that are cut a bit slimmer. He’s had a problem with boxer shorts that either ride up or become visible through his trousers. The Gentleman actually had a very similar problem a few years ago before he discovered J.Crew’s line of woven boxers.

Since middle school, I had always worn Hanes boxer shorts. These undergarments were inexpensive but also horribly cut. They simply billowed under my pants. As I began to invest in higher quality clothing, I began buying pants that were tailored more trimly. This led to my Hanes boxers bunching and clumping and feeling uncomfortable. I knew something had to change.

While browsing at J.Crew one day, I noticed that their fitted, woven boxers were on sale. I picked up a pair and was blown away by how comfortable they were. J.Crew’s boxers have two great things going for them that contribute to their comfort, especially underneath slimmer pants. First, they have a relatively short six-inch inseam. This makes them long enough so that they don’t uncomfortably cling to a wearer’s leg the way briefs or boxer briefs sometimes do, but they also aren’t too long that their fabric begins to bunch and fold when you walk around. And second, J.Crew’s boxers are cut rather slimly, which helps prevent bunching and riding up.

They come in a variety of whimsical patterns or in more traditional stripes and polka dots. I’m a big fan of the whimsical patterns. The designs available vary by season. I’ve got beer mugs, maps of the Caribbean, sea turtles, and boxer dogs in Santa caps along with many other colorful designs in my boxer collection. Picking out the right colorful pattern can be a fun way to start a morning even if (usually) I’m the only one who will see that pattern throughout the course of the day.

The only problem with these boxers is the price. Their list price is $18.50 per pair. Never buy a pair of these boxers for $18.50!  They always have a promotion where you can get two for $28. In my opinion, that is still too expensive. Fortunately, J.Crew retail stores (though not the website) almost always have boxers from last season on sale for about $8 or less. That’s a price that I can endorse. The boxers will feature designs that are a season behind (summer nautical themes in autumn, for example.) It’s not a big deal though, because after a few months you’ll have a collection that spans the entire year!

I’ve been so happy with J.Crew’s boxers that I haven’t found a need to buy underwear from any other store since I discovered them. Hopefully the Cubicle Chic reader who sent this question, as well as any other readers out there who wear pants on the slimmer side, will be able to find some relief in J.Crew’s woven, fitted boxer shorts.

Next week: the Gentleman peers into yesteryear and examines the style exhibited in some vintage photos…


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