How To Wear Lace at the Office

To be utterly honest, this ensemble was hastily put together one morning while I was running late… and also (double whammy) enduring a decidedly urban feat: laundry day. With no access to my own personal washer or dryer, I outsource my laundry to the local wash and fold joint. While it’s lovely to avoid dealing with laundry myself, there’s a period of time when I don’t have to my go-to pieces because they’re all at the wash and fold! It’s inconvenient for a day or two, but it’s during this time that I come up with some of my favorite and most creative office outfits. This top is one of my standards for weekends because it translates well from day to night, is quite comfortable and makes for a great layering piece.

I almost hopped on this sleek thang for a few fun photos (notice we match) until Meredith wisely advised against it.

To echo the lace in the top, I wore a pair of pointy, bronze and black lacy pumps. The entire top is quite sheer so I keep it G-rated with a cami: an opportunity to completely change the look. While white seems like a basic option, it really makes the intricate lace stand out in an interesting and not overtly sexy way. A black cami (or any other color) would produce a totally different effect. The takeaway? Pair your favorite sheer tops with basic camis and pencil skirts for an invigorated office outfit! Make your clothes work double time, I say.

Lindsay’s Look:

Top: D&G, a gift from Mary Grace

Skirt: Banana Republic, $40 on sale

Shoes: Nine West, $25

Bangles: H&M, $6

Camisole: J.Crew, $28



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6 responses to “How To Wear Lace at the Office

  1. Love that top! I am actually wearing a cami/tank w/ lace today at work and I wondered if it was too much…. so I put a tank on underneath.

  2. I love this outfit especially the lace top; very chic but, still office apropriate!

  3. that blouse is stunning! i love the business in front, party in the back aspect of it 🙂

  4. Beautiful top! I love pieces that work for both the office and weekend 🙂

  5. Looks chic and feminine but totally appropriate for daytime/work!

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