Turtleneck and Pearls

This spread is one of my favorites to date! The contrast of corporate office style with the downtown graffiti background really makes a “Cubicle Chic” statement: have fun with what you’re wearing! I like to think that my messy pearl necklace and unconventional oxford heels relay the same message.

You may recognize my skirt from Cubicle Chic’s video interview on Lemondrop! It’s one of my favorite pieces to add to any blouse. The wide, double waistbelt detail makes it a true standout piece. Not only is this style flattering on any figure (really), but it also adds a little something extra to the outfit without having to worry about piling on additional pieces. While that’s something I am normally prone to do, sometimes simpler is better.

I was quite excited this particular day because it was one of the first days this year that felt like fall. Warm with a cool breeze –  doesn’t get any better than that! You know what that means… time to break out the turtleneck! A gray one. Who says you can’t wear gray with black? The colors I chose are just different enough to look sharp and sophisticated; if they were any closer, the colors would clash. As long as the shades aren’t too similar, I think a gray and black pairing is such a minimalist, chic combination.

Lindsay’s Look:

Turtleneck: Banana Republic, $45

Skirt: Zara, $80

Necklace: H&M, $13

Shoes: Modcloth, $38



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9 responses to “Turtleneck and Pearls

  1. i LOVE that skirt. actually, i just stumbled across your space and i love your blog even though i usually eschew all things related to ‘corporate.’ you two are so flippin cute!

    i live in boston and i have a question for you: i’ve almost given up on wearing awesome shoes like yours to work because i killed so many great heels during my OMGTheTrainIsComingImLate commute. how do you not destroy those heels during your walk to work? maybe the sidewalks in NY are in better shape? (well, they actually for sure are, but it doesn’t seem like it should be the road’s fault that my shoes are dead…)


    • Hey there!

      To tell you the truth, I don’t wear my heels on during my commute to work! I have about a 10 minute walk to the subway, and the neighborhood I live in has sidewalks that are totally not conducive to heels (it’s literally called Cobble Hill, hehe). Once I get out, I have another 10 minute walk before I get to the office. Around Park Avenue where I work, the sidewalks are definitely easier to walk on, so I do take my heels out to lunch – but I still ruin the stubs and need to get them replaced every few months. A couple trips to the cobbler each year will really save your shoes. I keep about three pairs of shoes at my desk that I change into when I arrive. This way, I can keep them in great shape and still wear them at work!

      That said, I will never wear sneakers during my commute! I refuse. I just can’t bear the thought of it. Comfort should not equate to a sarfice in style! Lately, I’ve been wearing my Frye boots or wellies, depending on the weather. Perhaps I should do a post on chic and comfortable commuting shoes?


  2. Love it! The accessories really make the outfit stand out.


  3. This is one of my favorite looks to date – I love that the pearls give it a Jackie O (but updated sort of look!)


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  5. This outfit is fantastic. The pearls and cute shoes are great touches.

  6. love love love this look! i always think of wearing big necklaces with a more open neck but the turtleneck looks so great with it!



  7. Marie

    love the outfit the pearls are very groovy

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