She Wears the Pants

Meredith Duncan Cubicle Chic

Pants don’t turn up very often on Cubicle Chic. It’s not that we don’t like pants (I love a good pair of jeans), but when it comes to putting together my office wardrobe, it seems to be so much harder to find pants that fit – skirts are just much simpler. With pants I have to worry about length, their fit at the hips and waist, the way they fall and what shoes will look good with them. Skirts are easier because length isn’t as much of an issue and they tend to sit more snugly at the waist. I’m not sure why this is, but I’m not complaining!

Meredith Duncan Cubicle Chic

Meredith Duncan Cubicle Chic

I love the crisp line right down the center of each leg! I think it satisfies my type A tendencies to see something so straight and perfect. However, even after just sitting in the subway during my commute, these perfect lines are criss-crossed with the worst of lines… wrinkles! The pants go from snappy to a little shlumpy, but this is one of the basic issues with linen. The fabric is probably better suited for casual pants, but the wrinkles don’t seem so bad when it means I get to stay a little cooler on a muggy summer day.

Meredith Duncan Cubicle Chic

New shoes! I got them at Aldo on sale and they are a great shoe for work. They match a lot of my wardrobe and they are comfortable enough. After my first day of wearing them I realized that they are a tad too tight, but I’m sure they will stretch out a little bit over time. Honestly, I think Aldo does their conversion from European sizing to American sizing wrong. I wear a size 10 and the sales clerk brought out a 40 – I couldn’t even fit my foot in the shoe! Has anyone else had issues with Aldo’s shoe sizes?

Meredith Duncan Cubicle Chic

Meredith Duncan Cubicle Chic

Meredith’s Look:

Shirt: Banana Republic, $35

Pants: Zara, $30

Shoes: Aldo, $50



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9 responses to “She Wears the Pants

  1. I love those shoes! I have the hardest time finding shoes that don’t show too much toe cleavage (maybe I have long toes?)…I haven’t tried Aldo before, though.

  2. A 40 is a size 9– you should start with a 42. (between Danskos, Birkenstocks, and rock climbing shoes, I’ve become comfortable with euro sizes.)

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  4. I love those pants and the teal color of the shirt goes perfectly with your coloring. Great outfit 🙂

  5. Qeturah

    Aldo’s sizing is very off and I had a long and somewhat heated convo with my sister about this. She was convinced that 40=10 because Aldo said so. She has since seen the light.

  6. Sandy

    You look FABULOUS! Love the entire outfit – shoe are great for so many occasions. Love it! Off to Maine on Friday – can’t wait!

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