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Giveaway Winner!

Necklace We are happy to announce that Kerry Kildale won the Widow’s Lament necklace from Glowstoes! Expect an email today, Kerry:)

And thanks to everyone else for participating – we really appreciate it!


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Toe Cleavage Etiquette

Written by Meredith

As you may or may not recall, a few months ago I posted a Mad Men-inspired outfit that incorporated a fantastic pair of heels. I briefly mentioned toe cleavage in the post and even tagged it to the post (while laughing to myself), but this silly reference has turned out to be much more influential than expected.

Let’s just say that we get several views a week, if not a day, from the “toe cleavage” search term. My initial reaction was “ewwwwwww fetish,” much like my reaction to receiving views from “long legs short skirts,” but then I thought about it a little more. It’s a taboo subject; while some women jump right into sharing their opinion on the topic, others simply express their relief that the topic has come up at all. Maybe people are just searching for a little discussion. Do we like it? Is it ugly, sexy or weird? Office-appropriate or not? Is this even worth talking about?

Toe Cleavage

Forming my own opinion required doing exactly what had skeeved me out in the first place: I Googled “toe cleavage.” Turns out, toe cleavage is quite the topic of debate. Wikipedia’s claims (obviously, the ultimate authority) that a little toe cleave is sexy and Manolo Blahnik quips that “the secret of toe cleavage, a very important part of the sexuality of the shoe” is that “you must only show the first two cracks,” but there are many in the fashion blogosphere who argue against it. With no clear sartorial rules about toe cleavage, though, it all really comes down to personal preference. Apparently, pumps with toe cleavage are in vogue, so if you’re a fan, you’re in luck! Otherwise, you might have to spend a little extra time combing the aisles at DSW.

Now here is where the real question comes in for Cubicle Chic: what amount of toe cleavage is appropriate for the office? My stance is that you follow Mr. Blahnik’s advice and only reveal your first two toes. More than two looks both vulgar and ill-advised: you are either trying too hard to find a super sexy pair of heels (like a blouse cut too low) or you bought a pair of shoes that simply doesn’t fit. In the winter a pair of tights might cover up this mistake, but during the summer months when tights aren’t an option, leave the low-cut heels at home.

Toe Cleavage

One other point worth mentioning is that everyone is built differently, so, for example, a low-cut pair of shoes on me might look completely different on Lindsay. Long-toed ladies may have a harder time finding something appropriate for the office, especially with the abundance of cleavagy shoes available.

And with that, before this posts gets too overrun with the words “toe” and “cleavage” and just becomes a go-to fetish reference guide, I open this up to you, CC readers: What are your thoughts on letting your toes peek out of your shoes at work and at play? Have you had any personal experiences with the matter? To the comments!


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Stolen Says: Wine and Tapas at Alta

If you recall from last week, I had a fantastic weekend bar/party-hopping and mingling with some fantastic people in some fun places (Pony Bar, Inc Lounge and Calle Ocho). I had started out that weekend with some dancing in the West Village at, of all places to be dancing, a little dive bar called Pieces.  In any case, there was (surprise, surprise) a birthday party happening, and Jbru and I made some new friends – one of whom (we’ll call him KS) I met for drinks and dinner this week.  This is my favorite aspect of New York – you never know who you’re going to meet or the places they will take you!


When deciding on a place to go this week, I suddenly got a craving for delicious wine and tapas, so I immediately thought of Alta. Tucked away on the lower level of a townhouse in the West Village (on West 10th Street near 6th Avenue), Alta is cozy, warm and welcoming, but surprisingly spacious!  They boast an excellent wine selection (I went with the 2003 Rioja), and some of the best sangria in town. Their food menu is also incredible, and my mouth is actually watering just thinking about it. With small plates ranging in price from $3-$13, it’s easy to share a few bites and a few glasses of wine to have a splendid, wallet-friendly time. I highly suggest the lamb meatballs and the fried goat cheese – maybe not the healthiest choice, but they’re so delicious! And if you balance it out with the broccoli rabe, you can satiate your conscience as well as your palate. Yum!


Alta NYC

After dinner, KS & I went to 49 Grove Street, a club at which KS’s friend is a promoter. I had a flight to catch the next morning and hadn’t even packed yet, so I intended to stay for one drink and then head home. But what is it that they say? The best laid plans of mice and men… I was having so much fun dancing in this lower level lounge, I didn’t get home until 2:30 a.m.! There was a slammin’ DJ, and if you ordered bottle service, it was brought to you with a sparkler stick. This made the lounge a bit smokey, but also offered such a festive and fun ambiance! So after a few hours of dancing the night away (on a Wednesday night, no less), KS finally put his foot down, dragged me off the dance floor and we headed to the N train at 8th Street, where we parted ways. Thank heavens for little miracles, for had I stayed any later, I never would have gotten packed in time. New York makes it so hard to pull away!

(All photos:


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Animal Print for the Office

Those who have known me forever (Hi Mom!) know that leopard print has always been a staple in my life – not just my wardrobe. I’ve had leopard print bedspreads, towels, sheets, rugs, curtains, desk ornaments, trash cans, pencils… you name it. I was/am obsessed. As you can imagine, I am stoked to see that animal prints are all the rage for fall. Although this is a little more like a cheetah print, and therefore easier to pull off, I was a little anxious to wear this cardigan to my conservative-leaning office, but it was well received!

I’m also surprised that I can still rock this dress. My dad bought it for me YEARS ago to wear when I was inducted into the National Honor Society my sophomore year of high school (eek – about seven years ago, I feel old!). It used to be too form fitting to wear to the office, but the fabric has slacked with age, making for a much more appropriate look. I’d wear it on a warmer day because it’s quite light and airy. I think it would work well as a basic interview piece, too.

What do you think – will you be trying animal print this fall?

Lindsay’s Look:

Dress: Express, a gift from Dad

Cardigan: Ann Taylor, $56 (on sale)

Tights: H&M, $4

Shoes: Nine West, $24

Necklace: Banana Republic, $12 (on sale)


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First Giveaway on Cubicle Chic!

Giveaway Necklace

Dearest readers: We can’t say enough how much we love and appreciate you for checking out Cubicle Chic and interacting with us on a daily basis! So, when words can’t quite do the trick, gifts most certainly can 🙂

We are offering this beautiful necklace, called “The Widow’s Lament in Springtime,” by Glow of Glowstoes – an Etsy shop – to one lucky reader as a way of saying thanks to all of you. Glow’s whimsical designs have a strong vintage feel with lovely personal accents like a slightly tattered silk bow or a soft, black feather. You’ll even notice tasteful seasonable pieces, like the perfect skull necklace for your stylish Halloween weekend. We love Glow’s work and are so pleased that she followed her sister’s sage advice to share her vintage revival designs with the rest of the world through her Esty shop!

To win this necklace, you only have to do three things:

(1) check out Glow’s store here and choose your favorite item;

(2) go to Cubicle Chic on Facebook and “like” us (if you already do then AWESOME); and

(3) leave a comment on our Facebook wall about how you would incorporate your favorite Glowstoes piece into your work wardrobe.

Ta da! You’re entered.

The giveaway ends at midnight EST this Thursday, October 28. A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Friday. Good luck!


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The Gentleman: At Leisure

Talking Argyle Socks

Men have far fewer ways to express individual style than women do. After all, most of what a man wears is some variation of a shirt and pants. The Gentleman always looks for ways to stand out from the crowd, and this season he is having a lot of fun with argyle socks.

Socks are one of those articles of clothing that are often overlooked. Truth be told, this gentleman enjoys the summer months, from May to September, when he can confidently go out in public sans socks. In an effort to get more enthusiastic about this article of clothing, this fall I’m trying to experiment more with brighter and more diverse socks.

In a business environment, socks should always match the color of your trousers. They can be a shade or two off, but they should be the same color. However, for business casual days or the weekends, a gentleman can get more creative.

Argyle is one of my favorite patterns for the fall. It’s a pattern that is traditional and distinguished but also bold and fun. I love wearing argyle sweaters and scarves. Unfortunately, in New Orleans it’s still far too warm for those articles of clothing. Socks, however, seem like the perfect place to show off the pattern.

Banana Republic has a decent pair of argyle socks:

Argyle Socks

Last year they had a greater diversity of argyle prints which were a bit bolder than the rather drab offerings this year.

Argyle Socks

J.Crew has a better selection of argyle socks in the $14.50 price range and they become a lot cheaper in multiples. Their selection of argyle socks is solid but not as exciting as I would have hoped. After a bit more research, The Gentleman discovered this fantastic (and whimsically named) mega-website for socks with many excellent items: The Joy of Socks.

I’m especially partial to this pair:

Argyle Sock

I could see this exciting pattern going well with everything from wool trousers to blue jeans.

Here’s another excellent, and slightly more traditional, pair of argyle socks:

Argyle Sock

I plan to buy both of these and show them off this fall. If you know of a good place to buy socks, argyle or otherwise, feel free to let me know in the comments! Next week: The Gentleman has his tweed sport coat back from the tailor and will show off the fit…



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Favorite Sweater

Fall Jacket

Gray Sweater

It kind of stinks when your favorite sweater isn’t actually yours. This is the case for me seeing as my favorite sweater (gray wool/cashmere blend that’s deliciously soft and gathers every so flatteringly at the hips) is in fact the property of one of my best friends from college. The sweater was her grandmother’s, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that no amount of not-so-subtle hints or suggestions of a trade have been able to convince her to part with it. So when it was delivered to me several weeks ago, I couldn’t have been more surprised or pleased! Of course, it is only on loan, so while I have it to enjoy, I must share it with you!

Lindsay and I don’t usually post about casual outfits on Mondays, but after such a beautiful weekend of the perfect fall weather for trying out your favorite wardrobe pieces, it feels right to feature one of mine. In addition to the best sweater in the world, my outfit includes a fall jacket I recently thrifted and am loving. It’s gray and black, so matches most everything, and its slight shimmer allows it to be both casual and dressy. For $10, that’s pretty perfect. It also has a ladylike feel due to its three-quarter length sleeves and long length. With cowboy boots and jeans, I feel a little badass. Cowboy boots gives you a presence on the sidewalk with their pointy toes and loud footsteps – people give you a little more space. And for those who don’t give me the space, I’m just about ready to look them in the eyes and say: there ain’t enough room in this town for the both of us, so you better scram! Then again, maybe it’s not the boots that are affecting my attitude, it might just be New York City. I swear… this city is making me a meaner and more cynical person! Any other New York transplants feel this way, or are you all thicker skinned?

Fall Jacket

Fall Jacket

Meredith’s Look:

Jacket: Thrifted, $10

Sweater: Borrowing (forever??)

Jeans: Earnest Sewn sample sale, $70

Boots: Thrifted, $120

Purse: ModCloth, $65

Necklace: Branche Jewelry Design


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