Silk Ikat Dress in Park Slope

I picked up this dress for one of the several blogger-oriented events I attended during the kick-off of New York Fashion Week. While I was lusting after the new fall collections at my go-to shopping destination H&M, I was afraid that all of the other bloggers would be wearing the same thing! I’d much rather look a little outlandish and be different than (gasp!) than wear the same thing as someone else. That’s always been my philosophy, even as a five year old. (At the ripe old age of five, I wore a gold lame peplum and pants to the first day of school… my mom still talks about it.)

These shoes were stunners! I had a hard time finding a pair under $100 that was stylish enough to wear to NYFW events –  you have to step it up (no pun intended!) when you think people will be critiquing your footwear. While these were entirely impractical, I really, really love the way they looked! I was almost as tall as Meredith all day 🙂

It was a blustery that day, perhaps because about 48 hours prior to our shoot, a tornado had stormed through Brooklyn and Queens. In this particular area of Park Slope, we saw several fallen limbs, leaves all over the place and a tree that had snapped in half! That said, I love wearing this dress in the wind! It’s not too short to blow and flow, and it feels so light and airy.

In order to be Cubicle Chic approved, the dress must have pockets! We discovered during the try on session that it did, and they were what ultimately won me over! They’re hard to find in this dress because there’s a lot of fabric, but they’re perfect. I bought a size bigger than I normally do because they ran out of the dress in my size, so I wrapped the built-in obi belt around twice and was able to tie a cute bow on the side.

Enjoying the breeze!

Lindsay’s Look:

Silk Ikat Dress: a Soho boutique, $165

Shoes: Zara, $98




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9 responses to “Silk Ikat Dress in Park Slope

  1. That is a beautiful dress and those shoes are to die for!

  2. OK – seriously jealous of that dress! It looks stunning, and I love the multicolor IKat touch. It’s a pattern I tend to use a lot in decorating at home, but love it in fashion form too.


  3. i love this look! i’m always a fan of ikat prints, and the colors in this one are especially nice.

  4. laila

    love this dress!!!

  5. Sara

    LOVE THIS! That dress is fierce! Tres chic! 😉

  6. Adore this dress- beautiful colors!

  7. hollandbanks

    That dress is absolutely gorgeous. My office has many after 5 events, and I often wonder what to wear… something dark always seems to solemn, I’m always looking for something nice and “light” but still after 5 appropriate for my office events.

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