Commuting Shoes

Perhaps I’m not as smiley pre-caffination on a weekday morning, but this is an otherwise accurate representation of how I look on my way to work. You’ll notice I’m not wearing my stilettos yet, and that’s because I commute in different shoes to save my feet and and my heels. For one, I live in Cobble Hill, an area of Brooklyn clearly famous for it’s stony sidewalks. My heels would be ruined if I walked to the subway in them day after day. And because I’m not one of those super human women, I can only wear heels for a certain number of hours in a day. If I’m at work for a full day, that means at least 8 hours in heels. That sounds like a lot, but it’s not so bad when most of my time is spent sitting or walking short distances on a carpeted floor.

This little button was one of Meredith’s favorite details about my outfit. She thought it looked more like a cufflink than a button, which is kind of cute on a short sleeved button down. This is admittedly not something I wear very often to work, but I quite like the combination of lavender and tan.

I’ve been working so much as of late, I’ve gotten pretty lax about my hair. The first time I wore a messy bun to the office was after pulling an all-nighter. I thought it was a risky hairstyle because it’s not “corporate,” but to my surprise, I received (and continue to receive) many compliments on it! So, for now, this is my go-to simple style.

Lindsay’s Look:

Necklace: H&M, $14

Frye Boots: Bloomingdales, $250

Pumps: Nine West, $25

Blouse: Ann Taylor, $45

Skirt: Banana Republic, $50 (on sale)



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8 responses to “Commuting Shoes

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  2. Good call on the boots – I tend to be a sneakers or flats kind of girl, but with all the grime on the streets end up ruining some shoes that way. Boots are a great solution!


  3. Love LOVE *LOVE* the transformation! Great looks with both the boots and the heels proving how shoes can really give an entirely different vibe to any outfit!

    GORGI! xoxo

  4. i really like the lavender and tan combo. and amen to wearing comfy commute shoes!

  5. I love your commuting shoes! Thank goodness they aren’t ratty sneakers.

  6. Corolla

    This may sound odd, but… could you describe your method of getting that messy bun? I wear a bun almost every day (long hair wrapped around an elastic) but yours looks much more sophisticated and less schoolmarm-ish.


  7. Marie

    Love the outfit with either shoe selection

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