Stolen Says: Room Service for Rainy Days

Fall in New York City. On a clear autumn afternoon one can stroll down Park Avenue in the waning, golden sunlight and see the gorgeous turning of the leaves. However, with fall also comes those blustery, rainy gray days. On such days, my general policy is that if I can’t see the Chrysler building or Empire State building from my kitchen window – I don’t leave the apartment. Despite this self-implemented rule, these dreary days sometimes give me a hankering for great Thai food. So I call up L and we meet in the middle of our two apartments and head to Hell’s Kitchen to a chic little place called Room Service.

The thing I love most about Room Service is – well, wait. Which fantastic feature do I love the most? There really are so many to choose from! For starters, the atmosphere and layout of the restaurant is so chic, but somehow extremely relaxing. The smooth black table tops and myriad mirrors in ornate frames on the ceiling give the feel that you may just be in a Thai palace. The majestic chandelier that splits the restaurant in two in its glass display case only furthers this feeling that you could be royalty and that you certainly deserve to be treated as such.

The actual service at Room Service is amazing as well. Attentive but not overbearing, the waitstaff really does their best to take care of you; and their best is awesome.

And finally, the food. For such a chi-chi atmosphere (the bathroom doors are padded in leather – did I say it was extravagantly palatial?), the prices are surprisingly inexpensive. Pad Thai, a Thai staple I often order, runs between $7 and $9. The portions here are just enough to provide some leftover for lunch or a mid-afternoon snack the next day if you’re not ravenous. If you’ve really been looking forward to your next meal, though, one dish will certainly satisfy you.

The final touch on an all-around great place like this is their authenticity. In addition to the imported beer list, the menu boasts that its Pad See Ew is real Pad See Ew and even recommends special items to ask for from your waiter to make it even more authentic. I’ve never been to Thailand, so they could fool me any day, but I love to feel like I’m getting the real cultural experience when it comes to cuisine.



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2 responses to “Stolen Says: Room Service for Rainy Days

  1. Looks like I need to check this place out!! Great post!

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