Brown Button-Down

I “wore the pants” just two weeks ago, and here’s another pair! They’ve been featured on the site in the past, however, they do not get nearly as much airtime as my favorite skirts. I’m not sure what it is, maybe the change in seasons or the fact that all of my stockings and nylons from last winter are full of holes and falling apart, but I’ve been reaching for my pants of late as I’m getting ready for work.

Despite wanting to wear pants, I can’t say that I love any of my trousers as much as my skirts. They simply don’t fit as well. Besides the issue of length (not many companies make trousers quite long enough for me…), I’m struggling to find a cut that is flattering at the waist, through the leg and at the heel. I’m going to do some serious research on this topic soon, so any suggestions to start me off?

Pop – pop – pop that collar!

Like the pants that were hiding in the back of my closet, I am currently rediscovering my button-down shirts. There’s a reason they are considered a classic – they are flattering and make any any office outfit look professional. The only issue is finding one that fits you just right. My problem is finding one that is long enough and also still relatively fitted. The one I’m wearing here has aged well, is a versatile brown and is long enough to tuck into most skirts and trousers. The popped collar doesn’t come out at work, but it’s a great way to show off the necklace.

I’m usually a proponent of tucking shirts in, but this one has a nice hemline for leaving untucked. It gives the outfit more of a casual look overall, but not one that wouldn’t pass at the office. Plus, you don’t have to worry about keep your shirt tucked neatly into your pants all day (a huge plus). You are almost guaranteed to be just a little bit more comfortable.

Meredith’s Look:

Shirt: Banana Republic, price completely forgotten!

Pants: Banana Republic, $45

Shoes: Target, $20

Necklace: Branche Jewelry Design



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3 responses to “Brown Button-Down

  1. The shirt color is just beautiful with your hair color and skin tone!

  2. Sandy

    knockout, my dear!

  3. This reminds me to find some new button downs for fall!

    Lurve it!

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