Sparkly Sweater Chain

sweater chain and pantsThese past few weeks, we couldn’t have asked for better weather! For the most part, it’s been sunny, breezy and cool: perfect conditions for dressing. When the temperature doesn’t matter in the decision-making process of putting together an outfit, there are no limits on what articles to choose from. This particular look is so comfortable, I started calling the combination my “daytime pajamas.” 😉 The blouse is loose but still flattering, the cardigan keeps me warm and the pants fit like they were made for my body. Funny thing is, I didn’t have to get them tailored at all, not even a hem! The brand is an obscure one – Stoosh – and I’ve had a hard time finding any other work-appropriate pants by them. It always tends to happen that way, doesn’t it?

gray and cream shoes

sweater chain and pants

sweater chain and pantsThe sweater chain is what really makes this outfit Cubicle Chic. It’s quite different from any adornments I’ve ever worn to the office, and it reminds me of an updated-but-still-vintagey Mad Men or Emma Pillsbury sweater chain. What I love is its versatility: I was dreaming up different possibilities for it outside of the office during our shoot. I think it would be the perfect feminine touch on a cropped leather biker jacket, with one pin on each shoulder blade and the chains draped in between. If only I had the perfect leather jacket to pair it with! I still haven’t found one; the search continues…

fall berries

sweater chain and pants

Lindsay’s Look:

Sweater: J.Crew, $40

Blouse: Ann Taylor, $90

Pants: Stoosh, $80

Sweater Chain: c/o JUWLZ New York

Shoes: Nine West, $25

Bangles: H&M, $6



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5 responses to “Sparkly Sweater Chain

  1. Love it! I like how you draped it over the shoulder instead of how it’s usually worn.

  2. I never really thought of a sweater chain, but it’s super cute and distinctive. Love it!


  3. Very cute sweater chain! Never really heard of these accessories..

  4. Sandy

    The look ROCKS!

  5. The sweater-with-sparkly-things-on-the-shoulder look is all the rage in France right now. I searched high and low for my own sweater-with-sparkly-things, but couldn’t find one that fit me properly. sadface.

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