The Gentleman: Lookbook

Barrister’s Ball

The Gentleman was hoping to be able to show off the results of the alterations to the tweed jacket that he bought from a thrift store this week. However, it will be another week or so until those alterations are completed. Instead, I decided that this week I will show a few pictures from Saturday night at the annual Tulane Law School formal event, Barrister’s Ball.

Like many clothing enthusiasts, the Gentleman has been enjoying Mad Men. I wanted to try out a Mad Men inspired look for the formal event. I went with my slim cut navy suit contrasted with a plain white point collar shirt. I wore black Allen Edmonds captoe shoes and a solid black grendine necktie. Grendine is a very formal weave of silk that has a unique texture that captures a subtle sheen when hit by the light. Finally, a straight fold white linen pocket square complements the white shirt.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the look that I wore to the Barrister’s Ball. Typically, The Gentleman prefers brightly colored ties and bold shirts, but sometimes it can be liberating to stick with something simple.

Below are a few photos that I took at the event with some of my law school friends.

Tulane Barristers Ball

Tulane Barristers Ball

Tulane Barristers Ball

Tulane Barristers Ball

My favorite has to be the photo that I took with my friend Jeremy. He decided to wear his grandfather’s old tuxedo to the ball. He’s doing a great job pulling it off. I’m looking forward to writing a few posts about formal dress when I attend a black tie dinner in November.

I’m curious to hear what readers think of my attire at the event. Does a monochromatic, throwback look like this work or do you prefer more color?

Next week, the Gentleman talks argyle socks for work and play…


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  1. Heshani

    I prefer this look to something with color. Classic and clean cut is always a very stylish route. You look great!

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