How To Wear Sequins at the Office

Written by Lindsay

When perusing the posts on, arguably one of the most prominent office-oriented style sites in the blogosphere, I came across several women who hate on sequins (saying things like sequins are matronly, girly, too much, inappropriate… yada yada). This is blasphemy! Personally, I’ve fancied shiny things from a very young age and never really grew out of them as many of my friends did (as evidenced here and here). One of my favorite style bloggers who, in my opinion, wears metallics in a very feminine but rockstar way, is Betty from Le Blog de Betty. It’s hard NOT to be inspired by her combinations. So with my love for sparkles, armed with inspiration from fall trends and a disdain for the ordinary, I will outline chic and appropriate ways to wear sequins to the office. I refuse to accept that it cannot be done, whatever the reason.

Tier I: Small Accessories

You’ll want to start here if you’re a closeted sequin lover. You admire the way others wear them, but think they’re a touch too young and may not even wear them casually. Here’s what I say: life is too short! If you like sequins, wear them! Who cares what anyone else thinks – dress for you. These accessories are fabulous vehicles for slowly incorporating sequins into your wardrobe. The best part about all the pieces included in the post is that you can make them work for casual weekend dressing, too. When you’re ready to move on to more sequins, choose a bigger piece and not more smaller sequined pieces. Many small sequined accessories = surefire way to look like a teeny bopper.

Sequin Ponytail Tie

Sequin Ponytail Tie: Forever 21, $3

Sequin Earrings

Earrings: Chan Luu, $115

Black Sequin Belt

Black Sequin Belt: BKE, $15


Tier II: Subtle Accents
This is for those who always wished they could wear sequins to work but never figured out how to pull it off. Sometimes all it takes to overcome common mental obstacles like “my will never take me seriously” or “is this too casual” is choosing the right pieces. Unfortunately there is lots of room for error here, so listen up! Don’t skimp on price: it’s easy to tell when sequined garments are cheaply made. Also, make sure the fit and drape are right for your shape (no rhyme intended). You’re going to be drawing extra attention to yourself – even if it’s minimal – and you want to make sure it’s the good kind!

Pink Sequin Blouse

Pink Sequin Blouse: J.Crew, $118

Sequin Vest

Sequin Vest: Wet Seal, $22

Sequin Tank Top

Setting Sun Tank: Anthropologie, $40


Tier III: All Out
This is not for the faint of heart but for the sequin die-hard like myself who doesn’t think much of wardrobe boundaries. I would not recommend wearing sequin shorts, pants or long-sleeved shirts to work. People will think you took a wrong turn on your way to the discotheque. I do think that a skirt, camisole or short-sleeved shirt with “frosted” sequins is acceptable. These are excellent for the office because they have a subtle metallic sheen but are not outright shiny. To complete the balancing act (because we still want your colleagues to take you seriously), wear mostly understated pieces with your sequins. Do not play with volume, loud colors or patterns. If you’re in dire of a little something else extra, a cutting edge smart cut blazer is a great way to showcase personal style without overdoing it.

Sequin Skirt

Sequin Bell Skirt: J.Crew, $275

And for the non-believers, here’s how I’d style it. Looks good, eh? Cheers to sequins!

Sequins Polyvore Set



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6 responses to “How To Wear Sequins at the Office

  1. Thanks for these tips – I’ve been dying to try sequins for day time for a while, this is giving me that push!


  2. Nice tips! I love sequins too, but don’t own a lot. Not sure why. I love the bottom outfit. It would perfect for an evening networking event.


  3. I think sequins as a subtle accent totally works and I would rock it but, all out look doesn’t work for me in the office…

  4. My god that skirt is gorgeous! Thanks for the primer–I love sequins but am scared to wear them overall (not just in the office).

  5. Great suggestions. I’m going to try and sneak some sparkly into the office this week! J. Crew has an awesome sequin pencil skirt that just might do the trick…


  6. Great post! I am sequined and leopard obsessed and wear far too much of it in the office 😛 CM

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