Favorite Sweater

Fall Jacket

Gray Sweater

It kind of stinks when your favorite sweater isn’t actually yours. This is the case for me seeing as my favorite sweater (gray wool/cashmere blend that’s deliciously soft and gathers every so flatteringly at the hips) is in fact the property of one of my best friends from college. The sweater was her grandmother’s, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that no amount of not-so-subtle hints or suggestions of a trade have been able to convince her to part with it. So when it was delivered to me several weeks ago, I couldn’t have been more surprised or pleased! Of course, it is only on loan, so while I have it to enjoy, I must share it with you!

Lindsay and I don’t usually post about casual outfits on Mondays, but after such a beautiful weekend of the perfect fall weather for trying out your favorite wardrobe pieces, it feels right to feature one of mine. In addition to the best sweater in the world, my outfit includes a fall jacket I recently thrifted and am loving. It’s gray and black, so matches most everything, and its slight shimmer allows it to be both casual and dressy. For $10, that’s pretty perfect. It also has a ladylike feel due to its three-quarter length sleeves and long length. With cowboy boots and jeans, I feel a little badass. Cowboy boots gives you a presence on the sidewalk with their pointy toes and loud footsteps – people give you a little more space. And for those who don’t give me the space, I’m just about ready to look them in the eyes and say: there ain’t enough room in this town for the both of us, so you better scram! Then again, maybe it’s not the boots that are affecting my attitude, it might just be New York City. I swear… this city is making me a meaner and more cynical person! Any other New York transplants feel this way, or are you all thicker skinned?

Fall Jacket

Fall Jacket

Meredith’s Look:

Jacket: Thrifted, $10

Sweater: Borrowing (forever??)

Jeans: Earnest Sewn sample sale, $70

Boots: Thrifted, $120

Purse: ModCloth, $65

Necklace: Branche Jewelry Design



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7 responses to “Favorite Sweater

  1. Great casual look, and that jacket is such a fab find!

    And yes, during the few years I lived in NYC, I definitely felt myself get more jaded/cynical (and I had moved from NJ!) It wore me down at times. I found that you have to find your zen to stay sane… mine was reminding myself to enjoy the little details of my neighborhood as I walked home from the subway every night. The smell of the local cafe, recognizing neighborhood pups, decor around the holidays… all kept me grounded and made me feel so lucky to be in one of the greatest cities ever 🙂

    • SO true. You need to remember to pay attention to the little things and appreciate them. I’m working on that right now; otherwise, you lose yourself. And you’re right – reminding myself that I am so lucky to be living in one of the most fantastic cities in the world keeps things in perspective.

  2. I love this look and that sweater. I would want to borrow it forever too. I need to go thrift shopping with you!

  3. Anna

    Grandmama’s sweater, featured on a fashion blog. Well la te dah 🙂 You do it great justice, Mere!

  4. Nice thrift find! I agree that walking around in NYC is enough to make the most patient person a factory of aggression and cynicism. I find myself sighing and shoving past people who aren’t moving fast enough for me on too many mornings to count. This only seems to happen in Midtown though–at home in Brooklyn, I’m perfectly content to stroll!

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