The Gentleman: At Leisure

Talking Argyle Socks

Men have far fewer ways to express individual style than women do. After all, most of what a man wears is some variation of a shirt and pants. The Gentleman always looks for ways to stand out from the crowd, and this season he is having a lot of fun with argyle socks.

Socks are one of those articles of clothing that are often overlooked. Truth be told, this gentleman enjoys the summer months, from May to September, when he can confidently go out in public sans socks. In an effort to get more enthusiastic about this article of clothing, this fall I’m trying to experiment more with brighter and more diverse socks.

In a business environment, socks should always match the color of your trousers. They can be a shade or two off, but they should be the same color. However, for business casual days or the weekends, a gentleman can get more creative.

Argyle is one of my favorite patterns for the fall. It’s a pattern that is traditional and distinguished but also bold and fun. I love wearing argyle sweaters and scarves. Unfortunately, in New Orleans it’s still far too warm for those articles of clothing. Socks, however, seem like the perfect place to show off the pattern.

Banana Republic has a decent pair of argyle socks:

Argyle Socks

Last year they had a greater diversity of argyle prints which were a bit bolder than the rather drab offerings this year.

Argyle Socks

J.Crew has a better selection of argyle socks in the $14.50 price range and they become a lot cheaper in multiples. Their selection of argyle socks is solid but not as exciting as I would have hoped. After a bit more research, The Gentleman discovered this fantastic (and whimsically named) mega-website for socks with many excellent items: The Joy of Socks.

I’m especially partial to this pair:

Argyle Sock

I could see this exciting pattern going well with everything from wool trousers to blue jeans.

Here’s another excellent, and slightly more traditional, pair of argyle socks:

Argyle Sock

I plan to buy both of these and show them off this fall. If you know of a good place to buy socks, argyle or otherwise, feel free to let me know in the comments! Next week: The Gentleman has his tweed sport coat back from the tailor and will show off the fit…




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3 responses to “The Gentleman: At Leisure

  1. Sandy

    Talk a knitting friend into making a pair for you in colors of your choice – they are challenging, but fun. I made some for my niece with skull and cross bones in one of the diamonds – fun! Might not be subtle enough for The Gentleman!

  2. The Gentleman

    Great idea!


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