Drapey Sweater

Breezy days are one of my favorite things in life. This day was a breezy one, with blue skies and little fluffy clouds being tossed around by the wind. In my neighborhood, where we were taking pictures, the trees are reaching their peak foliage colors… yellow, orange and red dance around one last time before the branches become barren and the snow rolls in. It’s certainly time for tights: the November chill is setting in, ruling out bare legs. I recently stopped into H&M to grab a handful of different tights, one pair of solid black, one of solid gray and one cream colored pair with a pinched dot pattern that reminds me of ostrich skin handbags. As much as I love their clothes, I was very disappointed in the tights. The black pair I’m wearing here has already started to thin out in the thigh area, and I’ve only worn them about four times.

On a brighter note, this sweater was a great buy! I saw it at Urban Outfitters in early September but decided not to purchase it because of the pricetag. To my delight, I went back a few weeks ago and found it on sale: score! It’s a great addition to any ensemble, but to make it office appropriate I wore it with black. I think white would work just as well. The material breathes, but its weight makes the sweater’s drapey-ness the focus of any outfit. The fabric falls around me like a blanket – a fabulous one – and makes me feel cozy and like a million bucks simultaneously. Now THAT’S a good sweater 🙂

It’s also a perfect piece to wear on these breezy days – the shape is really highlighted in the wind!

What are your favorite pieces to wear during this transitional time?

Lindsay’s Look:

Dress: Zara, $50

Sweater: Urban Outfitters: $30

Tights: H&M, $4

Shoes: Nine West Outlet, $25



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5 responses to “Drapey Sweater

  1. It’s scarf city for me this time of year!


  2. Love that sweater! So much movement!

  3. Gorgeous sweater! I love the subtle print and it looks so cozy…perfect for fall.

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