Stolen Says: Rockwood Music Hall

If you are twenty-something living New York City, chances are you know at least one person who seems to know everyone. And if you are lucky enough, you’ll know two people who seem to know everyone – and when they are in the same room, it’s twice the amount of everyone for you to get to know. Sounds a little convoluted and overwhelming? Welcome to my life. But I love it, thrive on it and love making it all happen. Which is exactly why I love that I am one of many who know Nat Osborn. A talented musician and an all around brilliant human being, Nat Osborn is one of those people who really actually does know everyone. So when he has a gig at Rockwood Music Hall (one of his regular venues – another being the Lovin’ Cup in Brooklyn), he invites everyone he knows, I invite everyone I know, and it becomes a fantastic night of converging and greatness. Not to mention Nat graces us with his incredible music.

Every few weeks, Nat has a gig at the aforementioned Rockwood Music Hall, which is located just below Houston Street at 196 Allen Street  It’s right next door to Pala Pizza, so if you’re so inclined you could stop there for a quick slice of vegan (or non-vegan if that’s your flavor) pizza before you continue down the street to RMH to experience Nat’s performance.


RMH is a cozy place – and I do mean cozy in every sense of the New York real estate term. It’s pretty tiny. But it has a great performing stage, and a fantastic old (but well-tuned and cared for) grand piano, which gives a unique, intimate ambiance to the performances here. There’s a one drink minimum per set, which is not outrageous, and the drink prices are fairly standard, so there are no surprises. The decor is bohemian chic and the staff are appropriately hipsters. But whether you are hipster or anti-hipster, it’s a cool little place to enjoy a glass of wine and to get a healthy dose of the next wave of up-and-coming singer/songwriters.


ConcertNat Osborn is definitely on the forefront of that next wave. This is a shameless plug, but you have to check out his work. His hooks are brilliant and catchy, but not annoyingly so – they’re of such a caliber that you absolutely will not mind having his melodies rolling around your head for a week. And from crooning solos with just his guitar or that old piano, he can swing a 180 to a 12-piece band that slams you with some fantastic funk & soul. He’s a collaborative and extremely charismatic guy, hence the knowing of everyone, and the seemingly random pulling of people he knows with similar talent on stage to contribute to the spectacular shows he puts on.  Check him out – he’s gonna be big (at least, if I have anything to say about it, and I plan to).



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2 responses to “Stolen Says: Rockwood Music Hall

  1. Thank you so much for the incredibly kind words! Just a heads up, next time I’ll be at Rockwood is December 2nd at 10pm with my brand new 7-piece band the Diamond Allegory. This will be at the amazing new Rockwood Stage 2, which is still cozy and bohemian chic, just about 5 times bigger than Rockwood stage 1.

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