Choosing the Right Tights

Written by Lindsay

When the temperature falls below forty degrees, it’s time to pull out the tights. The winter chill is fast approaching, and earlier this week, both Meredith and I noted how it has affected our dressing. I’m lucky enough to work in an office that allows bare legs in the summertime (although, perhaps I should take a cue from one of my co-workers and keep a pair of hose my desk for those chilly, air conditioned days), so making the transition is quite a big deal (ie NYC’s short-lived fall is almost over)! After adding tights to an ensemble, you have a new color and possibly new texture to include in your already layered outfit, and with this season’s patterned legwear, choosing the right tights can be a difficult task!

Fear not. Basic is always a safe bet, so we’ll start with solid colors. First, one must decide whether colored tights are appropriate. I think most muted colors can be, depending on your outfit combination. Other than the given nude, black and white shades, I think maroon, gray and navy are safe choices for the winter season. I also came across a moss colored pair that I quite like. Here are some of my current favorites:

Modcloth Green TightsModcloth: Park Stroll Tights, $15


Hue Cranberry TightsHue: Cranberry Tights, $12.50

Charlotte Russe Gray TightsCharlotte Russe: Solid Footed Tights, $7.50

Next is pattern and texture. Some will argue that there’s no place for patterns in a professional setting, but I think that most offices would not eschew them so long as the color and texture/pattern combination isn’t too loud or too sexy. I’ve seen several ladies in my own office and in the building at large rockin’ the patterned tights and they add a pinch of pizazz to their outfits. A good cable knit pattern is another safe option if you’re sick of solids, but I came across some excellent alternative options that veer a little off the beaten path. Behold:

Modcloth Dotted TightsModcloth: Dotted Tights, $18

Avenue Herringbone TightsAvenue: Herringbone Tights, $10

(hint hint: vertical lines make your legs look endless!)

Wolford: Sienna Tights, $68

I’ve always wondered whether it’s worth splurging on the expensive legwear brands. I recently picked up three pairs of tights from H&M because it’s my go-to place for… well… everything, and while the price was right, I am very disappointed in the quality of the tights! I picked up a gray pair, a black pair and a dotted white pair. The black and gray pairs already have runs in them from thinning fabric in the thigh area, and the white pair is pilling. What do you think, readers? Do any of you own Falke or Wolford tights (two favorites of top fashion magazines)? I have a hard time with this investment because prices start around $60 and I figure they must be just as susceptible to runs and snags as normal tights, right? A moderately priced brand that I have had great luck with is Hue. Until I wrote this post, I didn’t realize I even owned a pair! They’re on their second year – which says a lot for a pair of tights – and they’re still alive and kickin’ without any holes or runs. I will definitely picking up a few more pair of Hue tights this weekend.

This last section is for the fearless and fashion forward. These are probably a no-go in most corporate offices, but maybe some brave souls out there would wear them in creative environments. What do you think?

Hue Lace TightsHue: Bold Lace Tights, $18

Hue Splatter Tights

Hue: Splatter Tights, $22

Pamela Mann Paisley TightsPamela Mann: Bootylicious (haha) Tights, approx. $10

What tights will you be wearing this winter?




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9 responses to “Choosing the Right Tights

  1. I love this! I’ve never sprung for nicer tights (over $10), but mine seem to hold up fine. I usually get Hue from Macy’s, but my mother in law bought me a bunch for Christmas last year from Kohl’s (I think the brands were Simply Vera Wang and another store brand), and they are pretty darn sturdy.

  2. Angela

    I have had very good luck with the Vera Wang tights from Kohl’s. They are only 12$ at full price here in Kansas. They might be more at a Kohl’s near NYC…if you even have one. I have also purchased a very nice pair of Calvin Klein black tights that have lasted very well and even resisted getting runs when my dog got her nails stuck!

  3. I love tights!! I tend to shop discount stores like Daffy’s, Marshall’s, and Century 21 for them. I’ve found really good brands, like Hue, Nine West, and Cynthia Rowley, in these stores for less than $10 a pair.

  4. I’ve always had good luck with Hue, but I recently bought three pairs (black, red, and navy) at We Love Colors and they are great so far. I also recommend doing the discount store circuit–Filene’s Basement and TJ Maxx are great destinations for bargain tights!

  5. My go-to for tights is a bargain store like Marshall’s or TJMaxx. I can usually find Hue, DKNY, etc. tights for under $6 a pair and they always last forever. Totally the way to go in my opinion.


  6. Lina

    My mom gave me my first pair of wolfords a few years ago and I fell head over heels for them. The quality really is outstanding, and worth the cost, because they do last for a long time.

    But, since I live in Sweden, the winter months usually demands cable knits and wool, and I buy alot of these types of tights at H&M (you can’t ignore this national tresaure of ours…)

    By the way, this is my first visit to your blog -and I’m happy found it!

  7. I love these tights, especially the splatter ones for fun!

  8. lola t

    Hi: I just wanted to say that I recently purchased four pairs of the Hue super-opaque tights. All of them have runs or holes in them after one or two wears. I’m a long-time Hue wearer, but the quality of this year’s product is simply not the same.

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