We’re not even going to pretend to be perfect. With courage and shamelessness, we bring you what no other fashion bloggers have brought before: BLOOPERS! We’ll update this page from time to time with our favorite mistakes from Cubicle Chic photo shoots. Enjoy!

Stripes, a Red Bench and a Blustery Day

Striped TMmmm nothing like a good head scratch.

SassyClassy sassy.

Lindsay Mueller and the Blustery Day:

Drapey Sweater

Bow Heels

Black Dress

As Autumn Arrives

Lindsay on BenchMhmm yes, this toffee is delicious.

Black button downMeredith found out that Lindsay was baking cupcakes that night.

Leopard printSweater personified.

Gray SweaterShe couldn’t even face forward. The wind was just that strong.

Ikat Dress

Weeks ago we brought you the facial stylings of Meredith, and this week you bring you the Lindsay edition. Wait, show us again what plastic surgery looks like?

Face Lift

Plastic Surgery

And a pterodactyl?


Lace and Stripes

I’m a little teapot… tip me over and pour me out!

Can you imagine it? Vroom! Vroom!

Here comes a hug!

Patterned Shirts

Apples in NYC!

If you haven’t caught on already, Lindsay really likes urban plant life.

Don’t walk away! I’m still talking!


Linen and a Romper

Not quite as delicious as Midtown basil…


My face is meeeeeeeeelting!

Neutral Medley

Daydreaming of the smoothest conditioner ever.

The joke was belly-hugging funny.

Blustery days make photo shoots difficult!

Meredith’s hair has a mind of its own.

Neck stretches. Common photo shoot warm-up procedure.

Statements and Colors

Hip displacement?

Lindsay’s debut of the sexy wink. We have some work to do.

Sometimes Meredith thinks she can fly…

Smooshed Circles and Fifties Glamour

Meredith has learned that the louder you yell, the more people will listen to you.


A poor excuse for an imitation of dodging bullets Matrix-style.

Head and shoulders, knees and toes!

It really stinks when you get something lost down there…

Herringbone and Meatpacking

This moment is brought to you by Chapstick.

Would you like a little taste of Midtown basil?

No you DIDN’T!

Sexy winking face.

Flowers in the Park

Don’t speak.

Another lemon faced Lindsay.

Deer caught in the headlights.

Shar Pei face! (to match the little guy in the back)

Holiday Basics

Unfortunately for us, Lindsay just looked too darn adorable this week to produce any bloopers. Instead, you must endure the unusual facial stylings of Ms. Meredith. Please observe:

Confused face.

Zombie face.

Storms were brewing!

Sad face.

See-this is how I want my bangs!

Sheath and Black on Black

Still learning how to whistle. Sad, we know.

Power nap time.

What a creeper…

She has knack for closing her eyes at just the right moment!


The 80s, Bryant Park and the 4th of July

Just chillin’.

Surprisingly, lemons were not the photo shoot snack…

She just doesn’t listen when you tell her that winking is actually NOT an attractive look on her!

Cubicle Chic Lindsay BlooperS’mores…coming right up!

The Jackie O

This was most likely: turn that camera off!

Dinosaur impression.

Lindsay asked for attitude. Judging by this face, she won’t be asking for it again.

No one puts Lindsay in a corner.

Lacey Safari Cropped Pants

Don’t even think about talking to me before I’ve had my cappuccino.

A little too much cappuccino!

Why HELLO there.

It was the funniest Lion King joke Lindsay had ever heard.

Work it. Be the lion.

He was one hilarious lion.

Trying to suppress the laughter…

(Obviously, there’s a lot of laughing in our shoots!)

Tulip Skirt and Las Vegas Dress


Is anybody home?


Micro-one-second-naps on shoots… bad idea.

Park Avenue, Uptown

I will not talk and shoot. I will not talk and shoot. I will not talk and shoot.

What pretty lighting…but it hurts the eyes!


The firemen drove by… we couldn’t believe they honked!

Bushy tailed and really bright-eyed.

We caught her smoushing.

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

The doors were beautiful so we wanted to shoot them, but they continuously opened! Lindsay was prepared…


Uh-oh! There it goes!


Are you serious? Yah, I don’t think so.


Unintentional wink.


Serious face, silly pose, fantastic photo.


On the verge of bursting… Bla hahaha!

Rock Center and Playing in the Park

Scandal on the cover of the Daily News!

Caught at just the right moment…

Praying the hair gods for a bang trim asap.

Wait, so the bunny goes…where?

I can almost see Brooklyn from here! (Here being 97th and Park…)


These are Lindsay’s crazy eyes. Most often witnessed near the ice cream truck.


5 responses to “Bloopers

  1. Sarah

    Mere, you look like you’re about to fall over!

  2. LisaK

    Love the bloopers. all of em.

  3. Lai

    TOO funny… i thought there’d be one or two… but no! haha. Keep it up gals!

  4. Hilarious!!

    I love this section, its uniques and fun and so darn cute! (I especially love the “It really stinks when you get something lost down there…” … classic!!

    – StyleSaveur

  5. This is good stuff ladies! 😉

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