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Leopard Cardigan: Casual Edition

Leopard CardiganIf you got a chance to read my last post highlighting leopard print, you know I’m a little obsessed. While it’s a sassy addition of office ensembles, I can throw this cardigan over almost any casual outfit, especially because mine almost always exclusively consist of jeans and a tee. I probably wouldn’t wear it with a patterned tee like this one, but this particular cardigan goes with almost any solid-colored top! In my book, an animal print cardi is as good as a neutral one 🙂

Leopard Cardigan 2This weekend was so beautiful, no? The weather was perfect for enjoying the last lingering days of fall. The leaves outside my window are all turning shades of orange and yellow and slowly falling to the ground… which means it’s really time for me to invest in some sweaters! Over the past year I’ve compiled quite a collection of cardigans, but I could use some hearty, chunky knits. I haven’t gotten one yet because of a few key issues. First is fit: I’ve had difficulty finding the perfect chunky knit sweater that actually makes me look good (i.e. not like a rag-a-muffin). Second is texture: a sweater that I’ll actually wear needs to feel good, and so many of them this season are scratchy and itchy (why?!). And last but not least, price. Naturally, the ones that feel, fit and look great are so expensive! With winter right around the corner, I’m leaning toward making the investment. What do you guys think? Is it worth the splurge?

Leopard Cardigan 3

Leopard Cardigan 4Whether I go with the chunky knit or not, I’m looking forward to working this sweater into many more office appropriate and casual outfits.

Lindsay’s Look:

Leopard Cargidan: Ann Taylor, $56 (on sale)

Top: Cheap Monday, $16 (on sale)

Jeans: AG Denim, $85 (on sale)

Necklace: H&M, $12

Boots: Frye, $250



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Favorite Sweater

Fall Jacket

Gray Sweater

It kind of stinks when your favorite sweater isn’t actually yours. This is the case for me seeing as my favorite sweater (gray wool/cashmere blend that’s deliciously soft and gathers every so flatteringly at the hips) is in fact the property of one of my best friends from college. The sweater was her grandmother’s, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that no amount of not-so-subtle hints or suggestions of a trade have been able to convince her to part with it. So when it was delivered to me several weeks ago, I couldn’t have been more surprised or pleased! Of course, it is only on loan, so while I have it to enjoy, I must share it with you!

Lindsay and I don’t usually post about casual outfits on Mondays, but after such a beautiful weekend of the perfect fall weather for trying out your favorite wardrobe pieces, it feels right to feature one of mine. In addition to the best sweater in the world, my outfit includes a fall jacket I recently thrifted and am loving. It’s gray and black, so matches most everything, and its slight shimmer allows it to be both casual and dressy. For $10, that’s pretty perfect. It also has a ladylike feel due to its three-quarter length sleeves and long length. With cowboy boots and jeans, I feel a little badass. Cowboy boots gives you a presence on the sidewalk with their pointy toes and loud footsteps – people give you a little more space. And for those who don’t give me the space, I’m just about ready to look them in the eyes and say: there ain’t enough room in this town for the both of us, so you better scram! Then again, maybe it’s not the boots that are affecting my attitude, it might just be New York City. I swear… this city is making me a meaner and more cynical person! Any other New York transplants feel this way, or are you all thicker skinned?

Fall Jacket

Fall Jacket

Meredith’s Look:

Jacket: Thrifted, $10

Sweater: Borrowing (forever??)

Jeans: Earnest Sewn sample sale, $70

Boots: Thrifted, $120

Purse: ModCloth, $65

Necklace: Branche Jewelry Design


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Cubicle Chic on Snapshot Fashion

Cubicle Chic Snapshot Fashion 

Go check out our guest post of fall looks on Snapshot Fashion! Thanks again Diane!

Leather Jacket

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Cubicle Chic on The Stylester

Like what you see? Take a look at our guest post on The Stylester today. This marks Cubicle Chic’s first official collaboration! A big thanks to Ritu of The Stylester for helping to make this possible! 

Meredith Duncan Cubicle Chic


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Silk Ikat Dress in Park Slope

I picked up this dress for one of the several blogger-oriented events I attended during the kick-off of New York Fashion Week. While I was lusting after the new fall collections at my go-to shopping destination H&M, I was afraid that all of the other bloggers would be wearing the same thing! I’d much rather look a little outlandish and be different than (gasp!) than wear the same thing as someone else. That’s always been my philosophy, even as a five year old. (At the ripe old age of five, I wore a gold lame peplum and pants to the first day of school… my mom still talks about it.)

These shoes were stunners! I had a hard time finding a pair under $100 that was stylish enough to wear to NYFW events –  you have to step it up (no pun intended!) when you think people will be critiquing your footwear. While these were entirely impractical, I really, really love the way they looked! I was almost as tall as Meredith all day 🙂

It was a blustery that day, perhaps because about 48 hours prior to our shoot, a tornado had stormed through Brooklyn and Queens. In this particular area of Park Slope, we saw several fallen limbs, leaves all over the place and a tree that had snapped in half! That said, I love wearing this dress in the wind! It’s not too short to blow and flow, and it feels so light and airy.

In order to be Cubicle Chic approved, the dress must have pockets! We discovered during the try on session that it did, and they were what ultimately won me over! They’re hard to find in this dress because there’s a lot of fabric, but they’re perfect. I bought a size bigger than I normally do because they ran out of the dress in my size, so I wrapped the built-in obi belt around twice and was able to tie a cute bow on the side.

Enjoying the breeze!

Lindsay’s Look:

Silk Ikat Dress: a Soho boutique, $165

Shoes: Zara, $98



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Day to Night Romper

The Labor Day celebration of summer casual continues!

Rompers have been everywhere this summer. There are haters and there are hardcore fans, and I think I fall somewhere in between. Like the jumpsuit trend, there are both good and oh-so-horribly-bad rompers out there for us to choose from, so I would suggest thinking very carefully before spending some of your hard-earned cash on something that could be in a Goodwill donation bag next week. So I paused for a moment when I saw this romper at a recent SDV sale and thought: it’s kind of a strange color but… why not? Turns out, unlike many rompers I’ve seen around the city, this one doesn’t give you scary camel toe because it wraps around in front, plus it’s loose, comfortable and pleasantly accentuates the waist with its tie. In my book, this is a good example of a romper that can be allowed out of the house (unlike this one).

Oh, hold up! This romper does double duty! All I needed was a smashing pair of heels to totally transform the romper from a daytime look to a nighttime one. We also switched to taking photos in front of this adorable mural painted on the wall at a local Brooklyn public school. The colors were unbelievable and the imagination was so impressive! Check out the fire bird walking on stars below.

Wait, what’s that word again?? Oh, right… skort! Oooooo that word makes me cringe and reminds me of poor decisions made in the mid-nineties (I have an excuse, though – I was just 10 years old!), but clearly, those memories did not prevent me from buying this piece and wearing it out in public. Go figure.

The romper is such a strong statement all by itself, so I paired it with simple jewelry. These hoop earrings are great fun to wear, and I also added my purple lucite bangle to complement the turquoise heels. Ta da!

Meredith’s Look:

Romper: SDV, $15

Heels: SDV, $20

Lucite Bangle: The Beadin’ Path

Earrings: Courtesy of Lindsay

Purse: Courtesy of Lindsay

Sandals: Target, $20


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Labor Day Linen

We know many offices reinstate formal work attire post-Labor Day, which is only one week from today! So in honor of summer casual dress codes, we have decided to pursue a week of casual outfit posts. We want to end summer 2010 with the sweet memory of relaxed and comfortable style!

This outfit is by and large the most comfortable one I own. I know I’ve sung the praises of this easy-to-wear combination before, but this blows it out of the water. The top is a very light cotton – it’s so much softer than my other casual tees. I am now on a quest to replace all of my “regular” t-shirts with ones made from whatever kind of special cotton this is.

Whether I’m working or weekending, I’m always looking for ways to keep my hair out of my face. I love wearing it down, but when it won’t stay in place it drives me up the wazoo. I’m sure that pet peeve stems from a childhood filled with tight pony tails, always-trimmed bangs and a mother who frequently insisted: “keep that hair out of your face!” Haha, thanks Mom. So this headband was the perfect addition to the ensemble because I wanted to wear my hair down without it blowing into my eyes… and it adds a touch of hippie flair.

Please excuse my poorly executed pedicure. Ahem… onto my point: As much as I love how these shoes look, they are completely impractical. I would never wear them out to anything that involved a substantial amount of walking (which pretty much encompasses everything in this city), but in the back of my mind I’ve always thought they’d be perfect for a day spent lounging at the pool. Due to my lack of pool-going, they’re often held hostage in my closet. Every once in a while I do manage to take them for a stroll, but mainly because I support the No Shoe Left Behind Act. No pair of shoes should be abandoned in my closet, not even the most impractical, complexly tied, tassle-swinging ones.

Lindsay’s Look:

Top: Urban Outfitters, $54

Headband: Gift from Mom

Necklace: Gift

Linen Pants: Free People, $20

Shoes: c/o Nicole Miller


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