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Coach Holiday 2010 Campaign Launch

What did Cubicle Chic do over the weekend? We bopped down to Coach’s Soho store for their launch party featuring 10 fantastic style bloggers who will appear in their 2010 holiday campaign. It was a great party and lots of fun to meet some New York City’s finest bloggers.

There were……..

sequin skirts!Sequin Skirt

delicious snacks!Grilled Cheese

flip book photo shoots!Photo Shoot

… and much more! To see a few more shots from our fun evening, check out our album on Cubicle Chic’s Facebook page.

Hope you had a fun weekend, too!


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How to Keep Your Jewels Organized

Written by Meredith

Bowls of earrings. Piles of earrings. Twisted chains. Buried necklaces. An earring missing its partner. A cracked pendant. It’s not easy being sparkly and dangly.

It’s also not easy to store and display your jewels, so here is a little peek into how I’ve made it work. Both earrings and necklaces are displayed in antique gold and wooden frames so that they are accessible and pleasing to look at. I was originally inspired by the creative display ideas that the managers of The Beadin’ Path (best bead store in the country and a previous employer) always came up with and thought: “With the money we spend on our jewelry and how much we often treasure the pieces, why hide them in jewelry boxes when they would look lovely on display?”

After a trip to a yard sale and a thrift store, I had put together something that was both pretty and functional, qualities that I’ve learned are absolutely essential when decorating for New York City living.

Here are a few snapshots:


Frame Corner

Audrey HepburnWhy hello there!


Necklace Frame

Eiffel TowerIt’s kind of special to see what’s inside someone’s locket, right? Consider yourself special. Mine’s got a photo of the Eiffel Tower I took one beautiful July evening that I’ll never forget.





Looks easy, right? Well, it is.

For the earrings, all you need to do is staple a large sheet of window screen to the back of a frame and you’re ready to organize. I used an industrial stapler the first time around, but when I needed to make some repairs, regular staples worked just as well. Yeah. Simple as that.

The necklace frame has a few more steps but is just as easy. I took a thin piece of wood and hammered a nail or pushed in a thumbtack every few inches along it so my necklaces would have something from which to hang. Then, I nailed the two ends of the piece of wood to the back of the frame so that it sat about one inch below the top border. As you can see, I chose to hang a few of the bulkier or heavier necklaces off the corner of the frame so that they wouldn’t take up too much room or be too heavy for the thumbtacks.

Unfortunately, frames don’t work for all jewelry. My earrings studs are laying in an old soap dish and my bracelets overflow from an antique brass bowl. Both displays look nice, but they don’t provide the same sense of satisfaction that a well-organized frame does. Let’s call this: Type-A shabby chic.


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Choosing the Right Tights

Written by Lindsay

When the temperature falls below forty degrees, it’s time to pull out the tights. The winter chill is fast approaching, and earlier this week, both Meredith and I noted how it has affected our dressing. I’m lucky enough to work in an office that allows bare legs in the summertime (although, perhaps I should take a cue from one of my co-workers and keep a pair of hose my desk for those chilly, air conditioned days), so making the transition is quite a big deal (ie NYC’s short-lived fall is almost over)! After adding tights to an ensemble, you have a new color and possibly new texture to include in your already layered outfit, and with this season’s patterned legwear, choosing the right tights can be a difficult task!

Fear not. Basic is always a safe bet, so we’ll start with solid colors. First, one must decide whether colored tights are appropriate. I think most muted colors can be, depending on your outfit combination. Other than the given nude, black and white shades, I think maroon, gray and navy are safe choices for the winter season. I also came across a moss colored pair that I quite like. Here are some of my current favorites:

Modcloth Green TightsModcloth: Park Stroll Tights, $15


Hue Cranberry TightsHue: Cranberry Tights, $12.50

Charlotte Russe Gray TightsCharlotte Russe: Solid Footed Tights, $7.50

Next is pattern and texture. Some will argue that there’s no place for patterns in a professional setting, but I think that most offices would not eschew them so long as the color and texture/pattern combination isn’t too loud or too sexy. I’ve seen several ladies in my own office and in the building at large rockin’ the patterned tights and they add a pinch of pizazz to their outfits. A good cable knit pattern is another safe option if you’re sick of solids, but I came across some excellent alternative options that veer a little off the beaten path. Behold:

Modcloth Dotted TightsModcloth: Dotted Tights, $18

Avenue Herringbone TightsAvenue: Herringbone Tights, $10

(hint hint: vertical lines make your legs look endless!)

Wolford: Sienna Tights, $68

I’ve always wondered whether it’s worth splurging on the expensive legwear brands. I recently picked up three pairs of tights from H&M because it’s my go-to place for… well… everything, and while the price was right, I am very disappointed in the quality of the tights! I picked up a gray pair, a black pair and a dotted white pair. The black and gray pairs already have runs in them from thinning fabric in the thigh area, and the white pair is pilling. What do you think, readers? Do any of you own Falke or Wolford tights (two favorites of top fashion magazines)? I have a hard time with this investment because prices start around $60 and I figure they must be just as susceptible to runs and snags as normal tights, right? A moderately priced brand that I have had great luck with is Hue. Until I wrote this post, I didn’t realize I even owned a pair! They’re on their second year – which says a lot for a pair of tights – and they’re still alive and kickin’ without any holes or runs. I will definitely picking up a few more pair of Hue tights this weekend.

This last section is for the fearless and fashion forward. These are probably a no-go in most corporate offices, but maybe some brave souls out there would wear them in creative environments. What do you think?

Hue Lace TightsHue: Bold Lace Tights, $18

Hue Splatter Tights

Hue: Splatter Tights, $22

Pamela Mann Paisley TightsPamela Mann: Bootylicious (haha) Tights, approx. $10

What tights will you be wearing this winter?



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Giveaway Winner!

Necklace We are happy to announce that Kerry Kildale won the Widow’s Lament necklace from Glowstoes! Expect an email today, Kerry:)

And thanks to everyone else for participating – we really appreciate it!

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Toe Cleavage Etiquette

Written by Meredith

As you may or may not recall, a few months ago I posted a Mad Men-inspired outfit that incorporated a fantastic pair of heels. I briefly mentioned toe cleavage in the post and even tagged it to the post (while laughing to myself), but this silly reference has turned out to be much more influential than expected.

Let’s just say that we get several views a week, if not a day, from the “toe cleavage” search term. My initial reaction was “ewwwwwww fetish,” much like my reaction to receiving views from “long legs short skirts,” but then I thought about it a little more. It’s a taboo subject; while some women jump right into sharing their opinion on the topic, others simply express their relief that the topic has come up at all. Maybe people are just searching for a little discussion. Do we like it? Is it ugly, sexy or weird? Office-appropriate or not? Is this even worth talking about?

Toe Cleavage

Forming my own opinion required doing exactly what had skeeved me out in the first place: I Googled “toe cleavage.” Turns out, toe cleavage is quite the topic of debate. Wikipedia’s claims (obviously, the ultimate authority) that a little toe cleave is sexy and Manolo Blahnik quips that “the secret of toe cleavage, a very important part of the sexuality of the shoe” is that “you must only show the first two cracks,” but there are many in the fashion blogosphere who argue against it. With no clear sartorial rules about toe cleavage, though, it all really comes down to personal preference. Apparently, pumps with toe cleavage are in vogue, so if you’re a fan, you’re in luck! Otherwise, you might have to spend a little extra time combing the aisles at DSW.

Now here is where the real question comes in for Cubicle Chic: what amount of toe cleavage is appropriate for the office? My stance is that you follow Mr. Blahnik’s advice and only reveal your first two toes. More than two looks both vulgar and ill-advised: you are either trying too hard to find a super sexy pair of heels (like a blouse cut too low) or you bought a pair of shoes that simply doesn’t fit. In the winter a pair of tights might cover up this mistake, but during the summer months when tights aren’t an option, leave the low-cut heels at home.

Toe Cleavage

One other point worth mentioning is that everyone is built differently, so, for example, a low-cut pair of shoes on me might look completely different on Lindsay. Long-toed ladies may have a harder time finding something appropriate for the office, especially with the abundance of cleavagy shoes available.

And with that, before this posts gets too overrun with the words “toe” and “cleavage” and just becomes a go-to fetish reference guide, I open this up to you, CC readers: What are your thoughts on letting your toes peek out of your shoes at work and at play? Have you had any personal experiences with the matter? To the comments!


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First Giveaway on Cubicle Chic!

Giveaway Necklace

Dearest readers: We can’t say enough how much we love and appreciate you for checking out Cubicle Chic and interacting with us on a daily basis! So, when words can’t quite do the trick, gifts most certainly can 🙂

We are offering this beautiful necklace, called “The Widow’s Lament in Springtime,” by Glow of Glowstoes – an Etsy shop – to one lucky reader as a way of saying thanks to all of you. Glow’s whimsical designs have a strong vintage feel with lovely personal accents like a slightly tattered silk bow or a soft, black feather. You’ll even notice tasteful seasonable pieces, like the perfect skull necklace for your stylish Halloween weekend. We love Glow’s work and are so pleased that she followed her sister’s sage advice to share her vintage revival designs with the rest of the world through her Esty shop!

To win this necklace, you only have to do three things:

(1) check out Glow’s store here and choose your favorite item;

(2) go to Cubicle Chic on Facebook and “like” us (if you already do then AWESOME); and

(3) leave a comment on our Facebook wall about how you would incorporate your favorite Glowstoes piece into your work wardrobe.

Ta da! You’re entered.

The giveaway ends at midnight EST this Thursday, October 28. A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Friday. Good luck!


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How To Wear Sequins at the Office

Written by Lindsay

When perusing the posts on, arguably one of the most prominent office-oriented style sites in the blogosphere, I came across several women who hate on sequins (saying things like sequins are matronly, girly, too much, inappropriate… yada yada). This is blasphemy! Personally, I’ve fancied shiny things from a very young age and never really grew out of them as many of my friends did (as evidenced here and here). One of my favorite style bloggers who, in my opinion, wears metallics in a very feminine but rockstar way, is Betty from Le Blog de Betty. It’s hard NOT to be inspired by her combinations. So with my love for sparkles, armed with inspiration from fall trends and a disdain for the ordinary, I will outline chic and appropriate ways to wear sequins to the office. I refuse to accept that it cannot be done, whatever the reason.

Tier I: Small Accessories

You’ll want to start here if you’re a closeted sequin lover. You admire the way others wear them, but think they’re a touch too young and may not even wear them casually. Here’s what I say: life is too short! If you like sequins, wear them! Who cares what anyone else thinks – dress for you. These accessories are fabulous vehicles for slowly incorporating sequins into your wardrobe. The best part about all the pieces included in the post is that you can make them work for casual weekend dressing, too. When you’re ready to move on to more sequins, choose a bigger piece and not more smaller sequined pieces. Many small sequined accessories = surefire way to look like a teeny bopper.

Sequin Ponytail Tie

Sequin Ponytail Tie: Forever 21, $3

Sequin Earrings

Earrings: Chan Luu, $115

Black Sequin Belt

Black Sequin Belt: BKE, $15


Tier II: Subtle Accents
This is for those who always wished they could wear sequins to work but never figured out how to pull it off. Sometimes all it takes to overcome common mental obstacles like “my will never take me seriously” or “is this too casual” is choosing the right pieces. Unfortunately there is lots of room for error here, so listen up! Don’t skimp on price: it’s easy to tell when sequined garments are cheaply made. Also, make sure the fit and drape are right for your shape (no rhyme intended). You’re going to be drawing extra attention to yourself – even if it’s minimal – and you want to make sure it’s the good kind!

Pink Sequin Blouse

Pink Sequin Blouse: J.Crew, $118

Sequin Vest

Sequin Vest: Wet Seal, $22

Sequin Tank Top

Setting Sun Tank: Anthropologie, $40


Tier III: All Out
This is not for the faint of heart but for the sequin die-hard like myself who doesn’t think much of wardrobe boundaries. I would not recommend wearing sequin shorts, pants or long-sleeved shirts to work. People will think you took a wrong turn on your way to the discotheque. I do think that a skirt, camisole or short-sleeved shirt with “frosted” sequins is acceptable. These are excellent for the office because they have a subtle metallic sheen but are not outright shiny. To complete the balancing act (because we still want your colleagues to take you seriously), wear mostly understated pieces with your sequins. Do not play with volume, loud colors or patterns. If you’re in dire of a little something else extra, a cutting edge smart cut blazer is a great way to showcase personal style without overdoing it.

Sequin Skirt

Sequin Bell Skirt: J.Crew, $275

And for the non-believers, here’s how I’d style it. Looks good, eh? Cheers to sequins!

Sequins Polyvore Set


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