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Weddings 101: The Main Event, Daytime

This time, there were an abundance of dresses to choose from for a couple of reasons. First, weddings held in the daylight tend to be quite popular, and second, we think this is the most versatile type of wedding to dress for. We even suggested a pair of pants and a flowy top for those of you who don’t want to don a dress. Would you wear a pair of chic trousers to a wedding? Let us know, and enjoy our picks!

Less than $100:

Forever21: Soft Sweetheart Dress, $28

NyreeRoseOriginals (an Etsy seller): 70’s Inspired Orange and Turquoise Floral Print Dress, $45

Victoria’s Secret: Sweetheart Dress, $59

Topshop: Corsage One-Shoulder Dress, $80

Modcloth: Frankly, I Don’t Give a Dress, $85

Modcloth: Lucky Streak Dress, $60

More than $100:

Bloomingdale’s: BGBGeneration One-Shoulder Minidress with Exposed Back, $118

Banana Republic: V-Neck Knotted Halter Dress, $130

Nordstrom: Patra Beaded Chiffon Dress, $138

NET-A-PORTER: D&G Satin Crepe Wrap Dress, $575

J.Crew: Grecian Moon Dress, $298

Or, may we suggest pairing this top…

Topshop: Silk Drop Back Vest, $80

…with these pants for an uber-cool, minimalist look?

Modcloth, Languor and Luxury Pants, $40 (both pieces together, $120)

NET-A-PORTER: Alexander McQueen Cape-Back Crepe Dress, $2,195

(a girl’s allowed to dream, right?)



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Weddings 101: The Main Event, Evening

It always ends up happening way before anyone is ready… the main event! Dressing for it is crucial: you never want to wear the same color as the bridal party and bride, and you must dress in accordance with the time of day. For this post, Cubicle Chic wanted to focus on evening weddings. They’re often more formal – so wearing black is acceptable – and we encourage you to have fun with accessories!

Less than $100:

Roxy: Train Journey Dress, $53

Zac Posen for Target: Two-Piece Ruffle Dress, $80

Modcloth: Repeating Dream Dress, $85

fredflare: Tulle Elise Party Dress, $78

Ann Taylor: Grecian Knit Jersey Dress, $78

More than $100:

Modcloth: No Occasion Needed Dress, $108

Shopbop: Young Fabulous & Broke Imogen Dress, $128

NET-A-PORTER: Alice + Olivia Jasmine ruched silk dress, $495

J.Crew: Wave Bodice Dress, $128

BCBG: One-Shoulder Taffeta Dress, $398

NET-A-PORTER: Haute Hippie Beaded crepe-jersey dress, $895


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Weddings 101: Bachelorette Party Style

In the series of celebrations leading up to the Main Event, the bachelorette party is your chance to be the most creative and funky in your styling. To help you out, we chose looks we think are both sophisticated and sexy for a night out on the town with the ladies. We also strove to find dresses with interesting details, pops of color and sweet patterns. Enjoy!

Less than $100:

Asos: TFNC Twisted Jersey Tie Dye Dress, $64 Hey Peaches Dress, $46

Modcloth: Always Be My Butterfly Top, $68

Black skinny jeans, pumps and you’re ready to go!

Urban Outfitters: Sparkle and Fade One-Shoulder Ruffle Romper, $58

Be unconventional with the next new thing 🙂

Fred Flare: Zig Zag Charlotte Dress, $64

Roxy: Bright Lights Dress, $39.50

Modcloth: Harness the Hauteness Dress, $48

And check out the back!

More than $100:

French Connection: Dallas Delight Dress, $120

Shopbop: Nili Lotan North Moore Dress, $375

Shopbop: Kova & T Holly Dress, $223

Diane Von Furstenberg: Brighton Dress in Pink Wing, $545

(We couldn’t resist including this, it looks like so much fun!)

Asos: French Connection Geo Sequin Dress, $304.50

Readers: Any exciting bachelorette outfits in the works?


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Weddings 101: Engagement Party Style

Now that the bridal shower is over, it’s time to shop for an engagement party dress! Although the tone of engagement parties can vary widely, they tend to be a slightly fancier affair than the afternoon bridal shower. For this reason, we searched for dresses that are sophisticated, elegant and could double as a Friday night cocktail option. We provided a range of choices so everyone will be covered, from the easy house BBQ to the schmancy new hot spot downtown. Here are CC’s picks:

Less than $100:

Modcloth: Burst of Energy Dress, $57.99

Modcloth: Windy City Dress, $64.99

Anthropologie: Grand Island Dress, $98

Forever 21: Shirred Knit Dress, $17

Ann Taylor LOFT: Double V-Neck Knit Dress, $90

More than $100:

Banana Republic: Silk Crinkle Print Dress, $130

Anthropologie: Echoing Dress, $148

J. Crew: Cotton Blakely Dress, $118

J.Crew: Silk Tricotine Cecilia Dress, $150

Topshop: Gather Dress by Boutique, $135

Shopbop: Rebecca Taylor Paillette Dress, $277

Shopbop: Dallin Chase Halter Long Dress, $110


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Weddings 101: Bridal Shower Dresses

We seem to have wedding events (defined as bridal showers, bachelorette parties, engagement parties and the weddings themselves) penciled into our calendars almost every weekend through the end of August! Ok, maybe not *every* weekend, but we’re still very excited about dressing the part. In the spirit of wedding season, we decided to write a series of posts, each dedicated to a different wedding event. Here, we bring you some favorites for bridal showers.

Finding a bridal shower dress can be difficult: it depends on the weather, the time of year, type of bridal shower and naturally, whether you can wear these dresses again in another setting! Our advice: get something that is totally your style. If you’re not a bow girl day to day, then don’t get a dress with a bow because you’ll likely let it sink into the depths of your closet, never to be found until the next big closet cleaning. Don’t let the often “cutesy” facade of bridal showers fool you! We found some elegant options that could definitely double for a date night or brunch with friends.

Less than $100:

Forever21: Sleeveless Woven Dress, $22.80

Forever21: Floral Blend Dress, $19.80

Forever21: Whispy Feather Knit Dress, $22.80

Modcloth: Save the Date Dress, $99.99

Shop Mamie: Stone Harbor Halter Dress, $99.99

Modcloth: Scavenger Hunt Dress, $54.99

Topshop: Scrawl Line Sisi Dress by Motel, $70

J.Crew: Allegra Dress, $80 (this color down from $225)

J.Crew: Ginny Dress, $99

Topshop: Swing Dress by Annie Greenabelle, $80

Topshop: Line Print Jean Dress by Motel, $70

More than $100:

Anthropologie: Two-Wheeler Shirtdress, $128.00

Anthropologie: Impressionist’s Dream Dress, $178.00

Moschino: Bow front crepe shift, $695

J.Crew: Cotton organdy galette dress, $285

Modcloth: Up on the Incline Dress, $124.99

BCBGMAXAZRIA: V-Neck Sleeveless Dress, $218

Who has some bridal showers coming up?!


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Weddings 101: Springtime Saris

We are officially in Wedding Season 2010. Engagement parties, wedding showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, the weddings themselves – there are a lot of wardrobe choices to make! Meredith had to make such a decision for a friend’s traditional Indian engagement party this past Saturday, so she and her friends decided to go all out with silk saris. This style choice was quite exciting because it involved taking a trip to Jackson Heights and spending hours reviewing the seemingly unlimited selection of beautiful sari fabrics…and it was entirely worth it. Meredith’s bartering skills have improved, she can get you to Jackson Diner next time you’re visiting NYC and she now has a stunning sari nestled in her closet waiting for the next Indian celebration (Wedding Season 2011!!).

Here are some photos of Meredith and her friends’ engagement party looks:



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