The Gentleman: It’s easy to tell a well-dressed man from a slob, but it is a lot harder to define exactly why he is so stylish.  What is it that gives style icons like Chuck Bass and Don Draper such impressive and admirable looks?  These two characters are part of the recent Renaissance in men’s style as men start to rediscover classic dressing.  The movement has even spread so far as the SyFy channel where you can see scientists wearing fedoras and slim ties while designing robots on the geekfest drama, Caprica!  However, as men pay more attention to what they are wearing, it can be difficult for a guy to know where to begin or how to afford a stylish wardrobe.

Here to help is “The Gentleman.”  While a budget for clothing doesn’t hurt, it’s entirely possible to be incredibly stylish, even with a meager cash flow.  We’re going to break down the art of classic men’s dressing with an eye for making the most of a limited budget that any college student or young professional can afford. I myself am a law student, and when it comes to clothing, I am not a professional stylist but a mere amateur who finds dressing to be fascinating.  I learn new things about style nearly every day, and I’ll share everything I learn in future posts.

You’ll notice that I talk about style and never about fashion.  Fashion comes and goes, so I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to it due to its inherent transience.  Style, on the other hand, is timeless.  Great men’s style is based on principles that developed over the course of the late-19th and early-20th centuries.  All of these principles (balance, color, fit) and much more will be discussed.  If you have any questions or would like advice, feel free to email questions or photos of outfits to Steve at:  I’ll be having special “Style Clinics” where I’ll give feedback based on reader questions.

Thanks for joining me on this particular sartorial journey.  I hope you find it interesting and that you learn useful tricks for your own wardrobe as we explore what it takes to be “The Gentleman.”

Stolen Says: I, John Stolen, am the typical Diligent New Yorker. I work nine-to-five at a major publishing house and a part-time gig with a real estate investment firm, both of which require a heightened sense of style and functional dressing. I can’t complain; although I’m not a native by any means, I love this city. Some of my favorite New York moments include Central Park in the summer, weekend brunch (aka brunk) at Freeman’s and of course, the citizens of style with their varied wardrobes. Perhaps one of the most fabulous aspects of the city is the blurry boundary between celebrity and citizen.  Fantastically dressed celebrities (though not always, as I’ll occasionally point out) are everyday people, while everyday people can acquire celebrity by dressing the part. How does one pull off the fab at the nine-to-five?

This is where I come in. Through my posts, I’ll take a look at our talented, silver screen-bound friends, and by careful consideration and deliberation, will suggest how you can achieve George Clooney’s suave, SJP’s chic or how to avoid the calamity that surrounds the Olsen twins (despite their highly acclaimed fashion lines, those two seem to be a perpetual sartorial mess!). Cubicle Chic is all about dressing for the office, but few celebrities are wearing office attire for their public appearances. That said, my goal is to draw the (sometimes) fine line between office garb and Friday cocktail frocks by pulling inspiration from the stars. Ladies and gents, take your garden clogs and your Hawaiian shirts, box them up and send them to a Goodwill. You have so many incredible options at your fingertips, why would you settle for anything less?


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