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Coach Holiday 2010 Campaign Launch

What did Cubicle Chic do over the weekend? We bopped down to Coach’s Soho store for their launch party featuring 10 fantastic style bloggers who will appear in their 2010 holiday campaign. It was a great party and lots of fun to meet some New York City’s finest bloggers.

There were……..

sequin skirts!Sequin Skirt

delicious snacks!Grilled Cheese

flip book photo shoots!Photo Shoot

… and much more! To see a few more shots from our fun evening, check out our album on Cubicle Chic’s Facebook page.

Hope you had a fun weekend, too!


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Cubicle Chic LOVES Blogs!

Yes, we know it’s hard to believe, but there were blogs before Cubicle Chic 😉 We’ve totally been feeling the blog love lately and can’t bear to hide some of our favorites from you a moment longer. There are so many amazing blogs out in cyberspace that it’s difficult to choose which ones to follow regularly, so we’ve compiled few that are definitely worth your time. Other than bumping our corporate connection to the top of the list because we feel the deepest camaraderie with her, these aren’t in any particular order. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

The New Professional

As one of our fellow corporate bloggers (in fact, perhaps the only other one who styles editorial posts focused on what to wear to work), TNP offers up tips on office etiquette, fashion and style for the workplace, often all based on her own experiences. We love her cute and always witty from-the-trenches writing style.


We are absolutely in LOVE with this redhead’s laid-back, easy breezy feminine style. She channels a mix of Californian ease and country western spunk, and she makes everything look totally effortless (yes – this is a skill!). The kicker? She’s only 17. We predict she’ll make some waves while she’s sewing her seeds at Parsons.

Keiko Lynn

In the blogosphere, Keiko Lynn (pronounced cake-oh) is a bold-faced name. While we’re trying to focus on lesser known bloggers, we couldn’t stop ourselves from posting about Makeup Mondays. In addition to adding some serious smiles to our early morning blog checking, we have learned a LOT about how to get her super pretty looks! We love her unconventional tips (read: spray eyeliner brush with water before putting on a powder liner) and the way she interacts with so many readers.

the owls are not what they seem

We love this dynamic blogging duo for their unique take on style. They’re very practical and down to earth about it all, like when Noel wore this jumpsuit like “it ain’t no thang.” We delight in reading their conversational musings about day to day style – and it’s no wonder! While Cubicle Chic was doing some research for this post, we discovered that they are both studying to acquire PhDs in psycholinguistics. We don’t think they can get any cooler!

Seven Dollar Pants

This beautiful blogger duo comes to you from Toronto, which is one of our favorite things about them! Like Cubicle Chic, they’re focused on accessible, budget-focused style and have a “real girl” feel to their content. We absolutely love their style and kind of wish we could steal their hair.

Smart Pretty and Awkward

Cubicle Chic likes to think we can relate to Molly, the founder of SP&A, on all levels. Along with our obvious fascination with fashion, we are both by-the-books-smart with a penchant for doing silly things…like bumping into walls or spilling falafel on freshly dry-cleaned skirts. Like Molly, we believe it’s quite all right to be all three (smart, pretty AND awkward ;))

My Daily Clothes Fix

Although Emma’s funky and colorful style is a huge draw for Cubicle Chic, we are also impressed by her ability to find crazy, amazing bargains for her outfits. Dresses from Zara for 1£? We have no words! She also presents beautiful photography (great close-ups!) with some of the most gorgeous settings for her shoots. Though we love city living, it would be too good to be true to live near fields this green. Watch out Emma – we may be joining you in England for photo shoots!

Vogue Gone Rogue

Wait…so that’s not a spread from Vogue? This girl has some seriously stunning photos with attitude to boot, and we love it. She’s on motorcycles, sneaking into ancient Italian gardens, writhing on a pile of old books AND she’s writing thought-provoking content that proves she’s so much more than a pretty face.

So those are a few of the blogs we’re enjoying these days – what are some of yours?


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