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How to Keep Your Jewels Organized

Written by Meredith

Bowls of earrings. Piles of earrings. Twisted chains. Buried necklaces. An earring missing its partner. A cracked pendant. It’s not easy being sparkly and dangly.

It’s also not easy to store and display your jewels, so here is a little peek into how I’ve made it work. Both earrings and necklaces are displayed in antique gold and wooden frames so that they are accessible and pleasing to look at. I was originally inspired by the creative display ideas that the managers of The Beadin’ Path (best bead store in the country and a previous employer) always came up with and thought: “With the money we spend on our jewelry and how much we often treasure the pieces, why hide them in jewelry boxes when they would look lovely on display?”

After a trip to a yard sale and a thrift store, I had put together something that was both pretty and functional, qualities that I’ve learned are absolutely essential when decorating for New York City living.

Here are a few snapshots:


Frame Corner

Audrey HepburnWhy hello there!


Necklace Frame

Eiffel TowerIt’s kind of special to see what’s inside someone’s locket, right? Consider yourself special. Mine’s got a photo of the Eiffel Tower I took one beautiful July evening that I’ll never forget.





Looks easy, right? Well, it is.

For the earrings, all you need to do is staple a large sheet of window screen to the back of a frame and you’re ready to organize. I used an industrial stapler the first time around, but when I needed to make some repairs, regular staples worked just as well. Yeah. Simple as that.

The necklace frame has a few more steps but is just as easy. I took a thin piece of wood and hammered a nail or pushed in a thumbtack every few inches along it so my necklaces would have something from which to hang. Then, I nailed the two ends of the piece of wood to the back of the frame so that it sat about one inch below the top border. As you can see, I chose to hang a few of the bulkier or heavier necklaces off the corner of the frame so that they wouldn’t take up too much room or be too heavy for the thumbtacks.

Unfortunately, frames don’t work for all jewelry. My earrings studs are laying in an old soap dish and my bracelets overflow from an antique brass bowl. Both displays look nice, but they don’t provide the same sense of satisfaction that a well-organized frame does. Let’s call this: Type-A shabby chic.



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