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I Got Stripes

Striped Shirt with Jeans“I got stripes/stripes around my shoulders/ I got chains/ Chains around my feet.” Johnny Cash is one of my favorite musical artists, and I’d like to dedicate this post to him. Of course, my stripes aren’t like the ones he references, but I can’t help but think of that song whenever I wear them.

Gray Sweater

Gray Sweater 2

In addition, these jeans have the best fit ever! I’ve had great luck with AG denim in that the fit and price are always right. Jeans are so expensive nowadays, no? I remember when one of my equally clothes-obsessed girlfriends from highschool and I used to be able to find jeans for $10 or $20 a pair at the Gap. Nowadays even Gap jeans border designer prices! Ah, the good old days… I was able to get these bad boys for half off ūüôā

Another thing I love about this ensemble is that it’s all made with organic cotton. I’m not a stickler for organic goods, but I do try! I actually think the cotton is softer and stronger than the “regular” stuff. And to know that I’m doing something good for my body and the environment fosters a great feeling! Meredith and I were chatting yesterday about how much easier it is to find organic clothes for casual looks rather than office ones. Sad but true! I am challenging myself to put together a work outfit that’s entirely (or almost) made of organic materials. When I do, I’ll be sure to post it.

Striped Shirt

Lindsay’s Look:

Striped Shirt: Zara, $25 (100% organic cotton!)

Jeans: AG, $98 (down from $198 at an Anthropologie sale – also 100% organic cotton!)

Sweater: Urban Outfitters, $58 (and also 100% organic cotton!)

Boots: Frye, $250



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Ruffles for Work

Black Blazer

I love me some ruffles. Especially when wearing a suit, they are a nice feminine touch that softens the outfit’s strong lines. I don’t consider myself a girlie-girl (pink is practically an untouchable in my opinion), but I find myself unable to resist the pull of ruffles on the racks at the store. Ruffled skirts, shirts, dresses, shoes – they all need to be touched and investigated. So when I unwrapped this shirt last Christmas, you can imagine the pleased look on my face. Nice shopping, dear aunt!



Cute and playful, right? But still professional. The ruffles fill up the blazer so nicely. Now, I probably shouldn’t bring this up, but I made a little fashion faux-pas with this outfit… the blacks don’t match perfectly. The skirt and blazer were bought separately, are from different brands and are aging at different rates. If you look closely, you can tell that the skirt is a slightly lighter black than the blazer (it is about a year older). Of course, I could blame this all on tricks of the lighting, but… honesty is the best policy.

Happy Monday to all!


Meredith’s Look:

Shirt: Gap, a gift from my aunt

Skirt: Banana Republic, $40

Blazer: Zara, $70

Shoes: Cole Haan, $70


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She Wears the Pants

Meredith Duncan Cubicle Chic

Pants don’t turn up very often on Cubicle Chic. It’s not that we don’t like pants (I love a good pair of jeans), but when it comes to putting together my office wardrobe, it seems to be so much harder to find pants that fit – skirts are just much simpler. With pants I have to worry about length, their fit at the hips and waist, the way they fall and what shoes will look good with them. Skirts are easier because length isn’t as much of an issue and they tend to sit more snugly at the waist. I’m not sure why this is, but I’m not complaining!

Meredith Duncan Cubicle Chic

Meredith Duncan Cubicle Chic

I love the crisp line right down the center of each leg! I think it¬†satisfies my type A tendencies to see something so straight and perfect. However, even after just sitting in the subway during my commute, these perfect lines are criss-crossed with the worst of lines… wrinkles! The pants go from snappy to a little shlumpy, but this is one of the basic issues with linen. The fabric is probably better suited for casual pants, but the wrinkles don’t seem so bad when it means I get to stay a little cooler¬†on a muggy summer day.

Meredith Duncan Cubicle Chic

New shoes! I got them at Aldo on sale and they are a great shoe for work. They match a lot of my wardrobe and they are comfortable enough. After my first day of wearing them I realized that they are a tad too tight, but I’m sure they will stretch out a little bit over time. Honestly, I think Aldo does their conversion from European sizing to American sizing wrong. I wear a size 10 and the sales clerk brought out a 40 – I couldn’t even fit my foot in the shoe! Has anyone else had issues with Aldo’s shoe sizes?

Meredith Duncan Cubicle Chic

Meredith Duncan Cubicle Chic

Meredith’s Look:

Shirt: Banana Republic, $35

Pants: Zara, $30

Shoes: Aldo, $50


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Turtleneck and Pearls

This spread is one of my favorites to date! The contrast of corporate office style with the downtown graffiti background really makes a “Cubicle Chic” statement: have fun with what you’re wearing! I like to think that my messy pearl necklace and unconventional oxford heels relay the same message.

You may recognize my skirt from Cubicle Chic’s video interview on Lemondrop! It’s one of my favorite pieces to add to any blouse. The wide, double waistbelt detail makes it a true standout piece. Not only is this style flattering on any figure (really), but it also adds a little something extra to the outfit without having to worry about piling on additional pieces. While that’s something I am normally prone to do, sometimes simpler is better.

I was quite excited this particular day because it was one of the first days this year that felt like fall. Warm with a cool breeze –¬† doesn’t get any better than that! You know what that means… time to break out the turtleneck! A gray one. Who says you can’t wear gray with black? The colors I chose are just different enough to look sharp and sophisticated; if they were any closer, the colors would clash. As long as the shades aren’t too similar, I think a gray and black pairing is such a minimalist, chic combination.

Lindsay’s Look:

Turtleneck: Banana Republic, $45

Skirt: Zara, $80

Necklace: H&M, $13

Shoes: Modcloth, $38


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What We Want: Long Skirts for Fall

When I started dreaming up this post about three weeks ago, I wouldn’t have called long skirts a trend. But with their write ups in DailyCandy, the New York Times, and a post by one of our favorite blogging duos, they’re definitely cropping up for fall (irony intended). Although they were more sparse than camel colored pieces, we saw them on the fall 2010 runways for Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and Dolce & Gabbana, which certainly increases their relevance in the style world. Unlike many runway fads, this one actually translates to something we can wear to the office (say it isn’t so)! There is one major drawback: long skirts, when worn incorrectly, can look horribly frumpy. Fear not! Here a few home grown tips on how to wear a long skirt for fall:

  • Look for a skirt with waist definition. Unless you are thin as a rail, you do NOT want a skirt that falls straight down.
  • Make sure your top is fitted around the waist. Feel free to play with volume in the collar or sleeves, but you want to keep your waist defined so your bottom half doesn’t appear shortened. You also don’t want bunching when you tuck your shirt in.
  • If you’re wearing a cardigan over the skirt, belt it for a sharper look.
  • Avoid wearing tights that are the same color as your skirt. You want the little leg you are showing to elongate your figure as much as possible!
  • For the sexy secretary vibe, choose a skirt that is cinched at the waist, fits your hips like a glove and narrows all the way down.

If you love these skirts, here’s where to pick them up (from the left):

1. Alexander McQueen; Net-A-Porter, $795

2. Zara (camel); Evasé Long Skirt, $80

3. ModCloth; Dial M for Marvelous Skirt, $85

4. Zara (black); Midi Skirt, $60

5. Forever21; Classic A-Line Skirt, $20

What’s your favorite fall trend?

Happy Weekend!!

Written by Lindsay


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Patterned Blouse in Midtown

Polka dots? Ellipses? Smooshed circles? Not sure what to call them exactly, but regardless, they are a fun pattern to wear. Patterns at work are a new concept for me, but I’m finding that they’re hard not to love. It’s so easy to stick with black, gray and white solids, so deviating from the norm with a pattern once in a while feels fresh and new. And as far as this pattern goes, with its black and white color scheme and all-over repetition, it’s pretty easy to take – a good introduction into the pattern possibilities!

There’s no need for statement jewelry with a blouse like this – you’ve already made your statement. That’s why I wore my black pendant necklace from the launch party. It blends in with the shirt but adds the occasional sparkle.

Oh, and did I mention it’s the most comfortable top for summer? It breathes and looks fantastic tucked into a pencil skirt. I’m loving flowy and breezy pieces, and when paired with a fitted skirt or pair of trousers, they are the perfect office-appropriate solution for summer heat.

Meredith’s Look:

Shirt: Zara, $25

Skirt: Banana Republic, $40

Necklace: Branché Jewelry Design

Shoes: Steve Madden, $60

Bag: ModCloth, $65


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Meredith’s Simple Sheath Dress

Have you ever seen a bluer sky?

We are finally saying goodbye to the dark days of winter.¬† Lindsay and I couldn’t resist snapping some shots of my favorite wool shift dress in downtown Brooklyn.¬† It’s comfortable, simple, and it really reduces time spent on brainstorming¬†how to put an outfit together because the dress is basically all you need.¬† My days of enjoying the dress are numbered, though (yay for spring!).

I love this necklace.¬† It gives my pendant¬†necklace engraved with my initials (so cool and to be shared with you in the future!) a run for its title of “Meredith’s Favorite Necklace” because the stones are simply stunning.¬† It is a great statement necklace for the office, but it also easily doubles as an evening piece when paired with a simple shirt and some gold earrings.¬† If you like it, grab one for yourself at my Etsy store, Branche Jewelry Design.

Meredith’s Look:

Jacket: Zara ($30 on sale)

Sunglasses: Steve Madden ($10 at Marshalls)

Dress: Banana Republic ($60)

Shoes: Steve Madden

Necklace: Branch√© Jewelry Design ($45 –Branche Jewelry Design)

How New York is this pic?  Even comes with a helicopter!


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