Patterned Blouse in Midtown

Polka dots? Ellipses? Smooshed circles? Not sure what to call them exactly, but regardless, they are a fun pattern to wear. Patterns at work are a new concept for me, but I’m finding that they’re hard not to love. It’s so easy to stick with black, gray and white solids, so deviating from the norm with a pattern once in a while feels fresh and new. And as far as this pattern goes, with its black and white color scheme and all-over repetition, it’s pretty easy to take – a good introduction into the pattern possibilities!

There’s no need for statement jewelry with a blouse like this – you’ve already made your statement. That’s why I wore my black pendant necklace from the launch party. It blends in with the shirt but adds the occasional sparkle.

Oh, and did I mention it’s the most comfortable top for summer? It breathes and looks fantastic tucked into a pencil skirt. I’m loving flowy and breezy pieces, and when paired with a fitted skirt or pair of trousers, they are the perfect office-appropriate solution for summer heat.

Meredith’s Look:

Shirt: Zara, $25

Skirt: Banana Republic, $40

Necklace: Branché Jewelry Design

Shoes: Steve Madden, $60

Bag: ModCloth, $65



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9 responses to “Patterned Blouse in Midtown

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  2. I simply adore flowing blouses this summer!


  3. Very chic blouse! And your hair looks amazing – I think it might be the best accessory to this outfit!

    xoxo, Ashley

  4. the pattern on that top is so cute! i think i would call it ‘pea pods’. or else ‘smooshed circles’ was good 🙂

  5. How perfect for summer! I can also imagine it working with some skinny pants for a great night-out look.

  6. elaine

    Meredith you look gorgeous in this blouse. Make it a perennial! I love seeing your pictures on Cubicle Chic. Where on earth do you keep all your clothes?

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